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Ka$hKilla's Karma

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2/14/2013You hate money because you don't have any - ha fuckin' ha! loser.
1/30/2013Cannabism - The perfect "political" system - Parliament involves getting high and fucking your girl
11/23/2012Narcissistic feminazi
6/17/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/17/2012Ive been posting Bait and troll threads all day over at TOP.... fag.
6/12/2012You're an idiot. work 2hrs a week??? seriously? get a clue.
6/12/2012For being too stupid to understand that money isn't the problem. There has to be a way to keepscore, idiot!
6/12/2012Stupid son of a poor bitch who i feel sorry for having to losen her box delivering this fuck
5/18/2012Low IQ
5/18/2012Because of your Ignorance
5/18/2012Simply because you are anti semitic
5/18/2012Racist piece of shit, get off the forum.
5/18/2012Racist prick !
5/17/2012Anarchist marxist rapper?? lol retard
5/17/2012Good gravy kids should not drink!!!
5/16/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/16/2012Androgynist asshole
5/15/2012"mens rights propaganda"
5/15/2012Lying shill
5/4/2012Good questions
5/4/2012Nice comment~awake but dreaming
4/18/2012Starts a thread on views and opinions, then is a dick to the 2nd poster giving his view.
4/17/2012You are among the most idiotic posters I have seen on this site, good day.
4/17/2012Being racist against racists is racist
4/17/2012Low IQ
4/16/2012Yep, greed kills
4/15/2012Faggot republicunt. go die.
4/14/2012Go fuck yourself
4/14/2012Genius material
4/13/2012I'm not a republican smart guy
4/13/2012Commie lib babble.
4/5/2012Absolutely Pathetic. Gross. Yuck. Nasty. Totally Imbecilic.
4/2/2012I got the same negative karma, below. Congrats. Amy A
3/31/2012Good man!
3/28/2012Yup money is for sheep to use ot make their life have meaning. Or as "fitness"
3/28/2012Great. another shitbag.
3/28/2012You mad bro?
3/27/2012No proof to your post
3/27/2012Shut the fuck up
3/26/2012Love giving first Karmas. WeAreOne

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