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3/2/2014Youre really not interesting
3/1/2014Piss off
2/26/2014Afternoon green for a great poster. You do have red gangs, all you need is green gangs. green green green
2/26/2014Thank You for being here being a friend, all best to you and yours :) 141
2/26/2014Is it fun playing the retard?
2/26/2014N a H :)
2/26/2014For U2 tune, Folie :)
2/25/2014High Five!
2/25/2014Per bel canto :) K Hall
2/25/2014You are perhaps the dubmest person I have ever seen post.
2/25/2014Double your brains and upgrade to a halfwit...905
2/25/2014The STUPID is very strong with this Moon-tard.
2/25/2014Genuine idiot
2/23/2014Chem trails are real!!
2/23/2014Retard number 1. Fuck off faggot
2/23/2014From your mother.
2/21/2014What an idiot
2/21/2014To my favorite troll lol -Acula
2/21/2014ChemTrails --- Elena.C
2/18/2014Nah :)
2/17/2014Fascinating water thread. Vala :-)
2/17/2014More, more more. How d'ya like it?
2/13/2014Happy Valentine's Day! Elena
2/12/2014For your excellent posts and interesting videos. :)
2/11/2014Smiles from nah <3
2/10/2014Anyone who thinks Ducky "debunks" anything needs their head examined.
2/10/2014Because you're dumb - z
2/7/2014Storms, abandon thread :) K Hall
2/3/2014You must have a degree in stupid.
2/3/2014So now you're a snow-tard too
2/3/2014Great Video!! Zip50
2/3/2014Debunking the 'sublimation' meme deserves Good Karma! - Purgatory Approves
2/3/2014Can you possibly be any more ignorant?
2/3/2014You are almost under 100! Green time!!! GeoStorm
2/1/2014Hello buddy! nah :)
1/29/2014Nice taste! -krystle ann
1/29/2014Huge boulder
1/28/2014Oh look! The moon is tilted!!!! 905 - been a while :)
1/27/2014HOW is Beer Made? --- Elena.C
1/27/2014More red for the most moranic of all GLP morans
1/26/2014Good question
1/25/2014Hello's from nah <3
1/24/2014I am libra, I balance, green for you from me. I must be secret due to your red karma buddies. I am like the wind, you can't see me but I am there. Greens!
1/22/2014Yep red again retard
1/22/2014Pizza, baby!! Skyesailor
1/19/2014Always at the cutting edge of science ;) K Hall
1/18/2014Math: - 1 * +1 = - 1 :)) Elena.C
1/18/2014Hello new buddy! nah :0
1/17/2014Will the dumbassery ever end?
1/17/2014Italian math
1/15/2014Thanks for contributing to the classical music thread - ANHEDONIC
1/11/2014Exposes the greatest threat to the US.
1/10/2014Hello Mr. Troll! ;) GeoStorm
1/8/2014Your secret's safe with me... well, not really. -Astro
1/8/2014Hi ducky! quakers
1/7/2014GLP Idiot number 1
1/6/2014E for effort :)
1/6/2014You are a grade A moron
1/6/2014Obvious troll is obvious... Please leave GLP.
1/5/2014And still, the Moon stupidity continues
1/5/2014Inaupropriate ilogicla nad insulting posts
1/3/2014And you're a troll
1/3/2014For a Happy New Year ! Elena.C
1/2/2014Duc Duc Goose!!!! GeoStorm
1/1/2014Hello. =) -Pole Cat
12/31/2013You need some green. - RL
12/30/2013Happy New Year! W
12/30/2013A real nuclear physicist agrees with you
12/28/2013Some green from orbs, be well :)
12/28/2013With love and respect, 141
12/28/2013Ofu! :)
12/28/2013The king of RETARDS
12/27/2013Trying to kill me with kindness? Two can play at that! Mwahaha! ~gg
12/27/2013Another one for more moon stupidity and whining about red karma
12/27/2013God, I love "one starring" your retarded fucking threads.
12/27/2013More Moon stupidity
12/26/2013Merry Christmas ! Elena.C
12/24/2013You need to be banned and medicated.
12/23/2013Personal attacks show your stupidity. Attack the argument, not the people dumbass.
12/22/2013Posting irrelevant content.
12/20/2013A toast! -Acula
12/20/2013Op is an idiot
12/20/2013Sono innamorato di te. Best troll ever.
12/19/2013Almost certainly the dumbest Motherfucker in Italy.
12/19/2013I know this greenie won't make much of a difference but hallo! :D calx
12/18/2013Possibly the dumbest Motherfucker in Italy.
12/18/2013GeoStorm :)
12/17/2013You deserve all the red and more -Astro
12/14/2013Top 5 most stupid fucks on GLP
12/11/2013Profoundly stupid little troll
12/11/2013They forgot to insert parallax
12/10/2013For the moon thread :) Turtles
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