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12/10/2013Not you again
12/9/2013For the lost
12/7/2013I sign your green karma card and I remain untouched sort of, in a way, look it like this, green for the redman.
12/5/2013Fake ISON thread. RL
12/4/2013Mega retard
12/3/2013Profoundly stupid little troll
12/2/2013Shortening that RED bar... Ilgmar :)
12/2/2013True GLP Tard
12/1/2013Nice bike! Greetings from Brazil - AA
11/29/2013"Please No Ducks" GeoStorm
11/26/2013No thanksgiving for you!
11/24/2013Fake green proves your a SHILL!!!
11/24/2013Fake green -Astro
11/22/2013Congrats on getting my first thumbs down for your fail post.
11/20/2013Shill cunt
11/19/2013It is Niburu, geezus what do we do now? We could make some magic lanterns to shine them on. Redman, one cannot sign your karmas and stay untouched. The moon is not real, who knew?
11/19/20134 22 313 313
11/18/2013Fullest Retard.
11/18/2013FULL retard
11/18/2013Bane yourself faggot.
11/17/2013Fucking retard
11/17/2013Fucking idiot
11/16/2013WeAreOne passing through :)
11/15/2013Driving experience With a Powerful Vehicle --- Elena.C
11/15/2013What a godamn retard
11/10/2013Despite his recent absence, still deserves regular reds. He is THAT retarded
10/28/2013Still the most fuckwitted of all fuckwits
10/25/2013Not the same without you! :)
10/20/2013Ou et mon piccard? WindyMind
10/12/2013Most fuckwitted of all fuckwits
10/10/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/10/2013Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
10/10/2013Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
10/10/2013The only shill is you
10/10/2013Get the fuck off my planet, you idiot.
10/10/2013First one deleted, so you make another....makes sense
10/10/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/10/2013The shills are all busy gang fucking your mum
10/10/2013GeoStorm :)
10/9/2013Dumb troll
10/9/2013Arcturus was here ;)
10/4/2013Wishing you well :)
10/4/2013Two can play this game.
10/4/2013Not quite right in the head
10/1/2013Most fuckwitted of all fuckwits
10/1/2013Just because it has a name doesn't mean it's normal stuff! agreed 100% well said!! :D greenishandcoolish
10/1/2013Good thinking! Aye-aye
9/30/2013Fucking nut case
9/28/2013Why don't you go fuck off?
9/28/2013For shitting on a perfectly good thread.
9/26/2013Not sure if troll, or genuinely this dumb...
9/26/2013Stay strong :) you know you are :)
9/26/2013Dont tase me - horizon in space video
9/23/2013Moontard strikes again
9/22/2013And again. Many more to come.
9/21/2013Dr. Acula was here!
9/21/2013GeoStorm :)
9/20/2013You're a hoax
9/18/2013Grow up
9/14/2013And another red, many more to come
9/13/2013Great picture share
9/13/2013As dumb as david j
9/9/2013Tard alert
9/9/2013I'm not a shill you fucking idiot.
9/4/2013Annoying as Fuck! GeoStorm
9/4/2013Obsidian says hi!~
9/3/2013Projecting black....my dream!....Psy
9/2/2013Have another red, fuckwit.
8/27/2013Oh well, why not. :)
8/27/2013It's all about the moon. WindyMind
8/22/2013Italian troll
8/22/2013Oh look, the duck is back. Have another red, retard.
8/16/2013Ducky!!! GeoStorm
8/14/2013Just one of many more to come, Moontard.
8/14/2013Your brain is gone... you got a fake one right now.
8/9/2013Uh-oh, guess I'm going to be "investicated" lol. I'm reaaaallllyyy scared!!!
8/8/2013Spiteful as usual, Elemental
8/7/2013One more red is never enough, expect many more.
8/7/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/1/2013Right back at ya tard.
7/30/2013I really don't like you, so i give you regular red. Does that make me a 'Karma troll'?
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