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Dr. Heywood Floyd's Karma

Total: 16 (16  User Votes) and 24

10/22/2022Hyper Star!
2/25/2022This post
2/20/2022Tards gonna tard
1/25/2022Screw you
1/25/2022Liberal shill pos
12/9/2021Russia will save the world! They are a Christian nation!
9/20/2021You fucking lying little shill... fuck off!
6/4/2021Why try to get him riled? dont you know?
1/26/2021For fighting against dumb posts
1/25/2021Actually his post brought more substance than your lame words
1/21/2021Eat Shit p
1/11/2021Green - Big Daddy D
12/24/2020Too Stupid
3/28/2020Wtf ?
3/20/2020Fuck off CCP shill
3/20/2020You're a deep state virus, dummy
3/13/2020Fuck off, negged
3/2/2020Thank you for Q's Lessons
1/23/2020Reality is indeed a test.
12/11/2019Don't mock Jesus, karma is a bitch
5/23/2019Listen, everyone knows what your intent here is...don't fool yourself. Just continue weeping as you run out of options. Dumbshit.
5/23/2019Fuck off liberal scum
5/23/2019NOTHINGBURGER - stop using this freaking word!
5/25/2012Backstabber and shill
5/21/2012Because you suck so hard!
5/21/2012I think you are my twin! :-) WeAreOne
5/20/2012For Backstabbing The OP From Little Birdie Thread, And For Being A Two Face!
5/17/2012Thanks for your contributions~einstei​nsfly
5/16/2012Too much red in the markets...have some green! Rhombus
5/14/2012Hi Dr Floyd, you have a lot of good imput....rocky
5/13/2012You are a pompous ass.
5/7/2012For being a free-thinker. WeAreOne.
5/7/2012For a fellow independent thinker -- Rhombus
5/6/2012For someone with a different perspective, always needed...rocky
4/25/2012Well said Sir....Reader
4/24/2012I love giving first Karma's! WeAreOne.

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