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Solar Guardian's Karma

Total: 1313 (1196  User Votes + 93  Threads Pinned + 24  Thread Reports) and 495

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9/23/2013For kindness, Elemental
9/23/2013Ask and you shall receive ;) --golikeapro
9/23/2013Fucking Retard
9/21/2013Buddy List Karma :) - Too Dark Park
9/20/2013Fuck you
9/19/2013Hagel and vagina took a 5d shit here
9/19/2013Butthurt troll
9/19/2013Have you EVER been correct about ANYTHING?... I didn't think so.
9/19/2013Nice post karma from gonviral
9/19/2013For perseverance
9/19/2013For banning El Duderino.
9/18/2013For backing up a stupid coment
9/18/2013Belated green optimum judgment lol
9/18/2013From AkashicRecord :)
9/18/2013Banned me from threads after proving how many failed predictions you have made. Lame! - El Duderino
9/17/2013LOL Solar Guardian can't deal with opposition. He ban's us when we don'T agree with him! Looser.
9/17/2013Quoting my post, flattered! :)
9/16/2013<3 from SerenaSeesAll. Keep posting
9/16/20131 for you from KcChamps ;)
9/16/2013Green karma time! - joincaq
9/16/2013Good karma should be given freely. -- EK
9/16/20131 for mjolnir @ Ragnarok ~ Odd John
9/15/2013Towards Pin Expenses.
9/15/2013Thank you.... -ladyannie
9/15/2013Returning the green...Jazzed
9/15/2013For tsunami pin :) replacement green abi~
9/15/2013Returning the green :) RR
9/15/2013KarinZa here, won't you please take this karma point? :D
9/15/2013Drive by green - gypsy priest
9/15/2013Banning Me From Your Threads? - You Fucking Coward - BMR
9/15/2013[email protected]
9/14/2013Lol, love the new av. Vic-chick
9/14/2013Sure thanks bud. -Paradoxreality
9/14/2013Hugs & good thoughts, Elemental xx
9/14/2013Green slop swap uncle fuck stick compliant
9/13/2013Just because
9/13/2013Have a good weekend! :) Martianprincess
9/13/2013Dont pin it
9/13/2013Of course! Friend! -golikeapro
9/13/2013Okay Solar - made me look for ya, huh? I'll have to mark you as a friend for easier reference. Peace. Ms.SupDup
9/13/2013Contribution for For 200 foot tsunami thread
9/13/2013Pin it
9/13/2013Here's one - I was just reading your threads, too - cool stuff - Geo777
9/13/2013Even though your predictions don't seem to pan out, I still enjoy your threads! from Eggcellent
9/11/2013Karma catch-up. mtn mang
9/11/2013Fuck you
9/10/2013You left a green thing at my place...I brought it back...waitn4end
9/10/2013Dumbest poster ever
9/9/2013ET go home!
9/9/2013You really are the biggest dipshit on this forum.
9/9/2013Thanks for the green - Lamplite
9/8/2013You are in need of medical help
9/8/2013A kiss for you too. Natasha.
9/8/2013Here you go you mighty doomer fail but funny tard...
9/7/2013Yes, you may! Thanks for the green AlterEgo
9/7/2013Stop posting Shit !!
9/7/2013Please shut up with your nonsense, you're ruining good threads. -.-
9/7/2013Fraud. False prophet, liar, won't keep his word. Shame on you.
9/7/2013WZn :)
9/7/2013For alien threads - Indysmindy
9/7/2013Wont ever happen
9/6/2013Go away retard. Honour your promise to leave when your 'Tolec' bullshit didn't happen.
9/6/2013Here you go as asked. Not that I buy your stance though. Raymantheheretic
9/6/2013Deluded tard
9/6/2013Thanks for the ascension thread! Enjoy the GREEN! Cheers... Nicolemare
9/6/2013Since u r always asking for it :D cheers
9/6/2013Have a great weekend! Solar is the way!
9/6/2013Contributes a lot to glp
9/6/2013One time you asked me for a date, i was told (26th sep it begins)- keep in between us ;) -sssss
9/6/2013Cross cultural doom!
9/5/2013Idiot, this tolec in your head is a retarded midget you idiot dream of- go fuck a camel
9/5/2013Because u are right -- super bowl dave
9/5/2013Deluded tard
9/5/2013Green for you and your crazy doomy predictions, hahah ....dettro
9/4/2013Green for u- from Etta
9/4/2013For your efforts to bring on the DOOM....grumpier
9/3/20131 From AkashicRecord :)
9/3/2013It's okay SG.... Your still loved....waitn4end
9/2/2013Misguided fool
9/1/2013Because I love your posts !~ Silvervega
9/1/2013You Smell Like Shit Too You Fucking Retard
9/1/2013Link to S.C. O'Brien's book
9/1/2013Fuck you
8/31/2013Here is some green for you. :) Strawberry
8/31/2013Mother fucktrad
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