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Solar Guardian's Karma

Total: 1313 (1196  User Votes + 93  Threads Pinned + 24  Thread Reports) and 495

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7/16/2013Solar fucking moron
7/16/2013Lol - green for you too, also dreaming is my favorite pastime - curry nosher
7/16/2013Of course you can have some ;) Ger_reG
7/16/2013Yep here is some karma! :) - PlinkoYAY!
7/15/2013Yes you may, green your way
7/15/2013Stay away from the crazy Canadian Woman! Peace!
7/15/2013Karma for you!!....>>>>Settle4I​t<<<<
7/15/2013Gt500 :)
7/15/20139 days after the start of the first day of week. Why not 5 months after the first year after 2017?
7/15/2013LOL! Here you go. - ANHEDONIC
7/10/2013Random Karma DriveBy :D -KarinZa
7/8/2013Hope you are right about aliens showing up before August from Prowilson123 :)
7/8/2013Taught me a new word - nah
7/7/2013Find meds. Take meds. Post less. Thank you.
7/7/2013Because you are funny
7/7/2013Isis one!
7/7/2013I'm a girl FYI. :) shyrlymyrly
7/7/2013You just win one (1) green karmic point. ;)
7/6/2013Here you go, friend! Vic-chick13
7/6/2013For being delusive and too dim to admit it
7/6/2013GREEN for U from THE INQUISADOR
7/6/2013Bump for my friend!.,.,.,.,.,.,.,​.,.M*walk
7/6/2013Greenbacks! GT500
7/6/2013Simple27 : )
7/5/2013Stfu liar
7/5/2013Thanks for the info SG. Wash.
7/5/2013For always being a kind (slightly mad) person. Elemental xx
7/5/2013Delusional. mentally ill. take your pick.
7/4/2013Won't You Be My Neighbor ..11:11.. Hello Neighbor!
7/2/2013Please reply on your Andromedan Biosphere thread, i've posted something for you. Mindfulnesz
7/2/2013At least you stopped with the haggle and vagina threads lol
7/2/2013Galactic Federation of Lunatics
7/2/2013There 'ya go Solar. Shalom. Ms. Superduper
7/2/2013Ohwell returning a kind gesture to a friend.
7/1/2013Certainly... cp
7/1/2013Have a good week! :-) Niemand
7/1/2013Green for a friend - DoorBert
7/1/2013SG you are my favorite person on GLP. Do not you worry buddy the show is about to unfold shortly. -DOOM Serenity
6/30/2013Stop karma-begging you deluded fuckwit - That begging has just earned you 52 reds per year.
6/30/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
6/30/2013Smiles - Indysmindy
6/30/2013Yes you may.
6/29/2013Hapless was here
6/29/2013Gone off the deep end
6/27/2013Hiya SG....Lekker:)
6/24/2013Karma Visit. - Knowbody Special
6/23/2013Thanks - Southernbella
6/23/2013No problem, my friend. Niemand
6/23/2013Take your "tolec" shill spam elsewhere
6/23/2013Sure...hitting you back - thanks from m&m's
6/22/2013For your replenishing points for helping pin the Holy Crap thread. - Listen_n
6/22/2013Fishy fella- pin it
6/22/2013Green for u SG Isis One
6/22/2013Ty icyman
6/22/2013Give ya some green back - gypsy priest
6/22/2013Pin yo
6/22/2013To future pin with ~doom candy
6/22/2013Green for pin - Sir Phy
6/22/2013For substance.
6/22/2013Kind person
6/22/2013For pin
6/22/2013Thx for the vote - Geo777
6/21/2013Yeah sure...cheers, davvi
6/21/2013Here ya go friend. Wash
6/21/2013Batshit crazy
6/19/2013Right back atcha! see ya next week for return red you fuckin tard!
6/19/2013From Prowilson123 :)
6/19/2013Beautiful crop circle thanks >CH
6/18/2013Mhanth4f :)
6/18/2013Good Thread: Oracle ...views booming LOL
6/18/2013Love GFG
6/18/2013Nice crop circle thread ;)
6/18/2013Great thread on Crop circle - Indysmindy
6/18/2013Hey SG, good post...green and five stars....saved
6/18/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
6/18/2013No dream post, congrats... -ADSR
6/18/2013Solar Tardian
6/18/2013Brief :)
6/16/2013Right back at ya Solar :) - Cookie
6/16/2013I heard that, GT500
6/15/2013Stop asking for green. TWAT
6/15/2013Spreading some green Isis7
6/7/2013SkinnyChic :-)
6/5/2013Thanks much! ~ ItsMaKa2
6/5/2013Give me a break
6/5/2013Karma Whore. BS prophet.
6/5/2013Greetings! :-) Niemand
6/5/2013Brief :)
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