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Solar Guardian's Karma

Total: 1313 (1196  User Votes + 93  Threads Pinned + 24  Thread Reports) and 495

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11/7/2013Some pin karma -Anubis
11/7/2013Ison could really be Nibiru
11/7/2013I like your enthusiasm
11/7/2013Now you are short of 7 green karma points to pin something
11/7/2013Good thread! 5 stars and green karma!
11/7/2013Thanks !!
11/7/2013Here ya go. expendable
11/7/2013Because he asked for karma to pin something
11/7/2013Good person
11/7/2013Have read two post of yours begging for karma in two days. Quit being a Karmatard
11/7/2013Pin it then :)....Lekker
11/7/2013Here you go... TheTruthWorker
11/6/2013Pin it!
11/6/2013A greenback for you :D strongman shelford
11/6/2013Don't you think it's time to get back on your meds?
11/6/2013So that you have fewer karma points to pin absolute bullshit
11/6/2013Help, I my pole shifted straight into valuga's ass and now it's stuck
11/6/2013You are delusional
11/6/2013Always exciting ideas. sometimes you are funny too. finley
11/5/2013Karma for insightful post
11/4/2013Karma love from TheWayweWere
11/4/2013Of course! Hugs, Elemental xx
11/4/2013Ok 1 for u
11/3/2013Some Green Karma for you friom Gonviral
11/3/2013Green >> Dangerwalt
11/2/2013Good Karma :) ACM
11/2/2013Solar Tardian, Lord of Failtards
11/1/2013TGIF :) Vic-chick13
11/1/2013At least it is a small hope and a nice drean even though will never happen
11/1/2013November 9 to November 28 will be interesting :) Elena.C
11/1/2013Troller Guardian... Oh and pole shift fail!
11/1/2013Stop changing your ascension dates - you failed LOTS of times
10/31/2013Yet, another failed prediction.
10/31/2013He help me!
10/30/2013Lol! cactusgal
10/29/2013Brave to post
10/29/2013Sky-onject thread- sssss
10/28/2013Here ya go bud! Keep posting! U R not crzy! bigD111
10/28/2013Here ya go Yaright
10/28/2013Shill faggot fuckstick
10/28/2013Morning Sloar G!! ibyte on 2
10/28/2013Action sun day karma time - joinca
10/28/2013You want green but you get red! Karma is a bitch.
10/27/2013Thanks !!
10/27/2013Anytime love GFG
10/27/2013You get on my tits
10/27/2013My ET friend - Indysmindy
10/27/2013Because you're you!
10/27/2013Completely humbled!
10/27/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/27/2013A Sunday hug from Elemental x
10/26/2013Good green! mtn mang
10/26/2013Epic Failzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!​!
10/25/2013You are #137 on my IGNORE List ....now....lol
10/24/2013Way to stand your ground!
10/24/2013Jerk it off psycho wacko
10/24/2013Likely a shill
10/24/2013Green for you my friend > Dangerwalt
10/24/2013Becasue you never stop amazing me. ExploringTheTruth. ;)
10/24/2013Weekly karma love your post
10/22/2013Toltec said you wanted greens! isaac : p
10/22/2013Trolololololololol. I just got info from the other side, they told me first anal probbing would happen in the next 9 days. only 1 sign to watch for: your disappearance from GLP!
10/22/2013You always make me laugh_GeoStorm
10/22/2013I have a strong feeling that something may or may not happen at some point in time. Look, I was right.
10/22/2013"Ask and you shall receive." yes, you may. morgan :)
10/21/2013You are an idiot
10/21/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/20/2013Green coming back to you. When ARE we ASCENDING? Hapless Moran.
10/20/2013Karma Hug back at Ya :)...Cyndexia
10/20/2013Here! - ikhthus
10/20/2013Of course, happy Sunday, Ele x
10/20/2013Solar your awesome
10/19/2013Alex Collier says pole shift by the end of October 2013.
10/19/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/19/2013Give it up fuckhead
10/19/2013Awesome post! concise and informative!!
10/18/2013Fucking moron.
10/18/2013New Thor fan.
10/18/2013BECAUSE i LIKE YOU
10/17/2013I'm not sure why, SG.... but you do make me smile.... :) -ladyannie
10/17/2013Ask and you shall receive! Ms.SupDup
10/17/2013Reported Abusive Post
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