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Obiwanbeeohbee's Karma

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12/18/2021Thank you ~Cigar
1/24/2021Sound thinking
11/9/2019If you can't enjoy Kentucky, YOU'RE the problem, not the state.
6/24/2019Where's your link ?
1/19/2019Afraid to research shape of earth. Gullible sheep.
2/24/2017Haha well said -Ash
11/14/2016"Oh, Bill... You know you don't mean that." LOL ~sikhed
11/14/2016I embraced my wife's femininity twice last night. After that she rode my manhood.
12/26/2015Yes, musicians and authors should always help the others - Turtle
11/25/2015Have some green against the Cowturds. LORIEN
12/16/2014Nasty Nancy Pelosi! LOL!!! ~ThereRMeds4That
3/30/2014Broad choice of music, saying all music has it's place.
5/1/2013Animal empath. :) -Seer
1/20/2013Understand your pain!
1/5/2013LOL - Chrit
11/11/2012Made me laugh. xD
7/6/2012White Chocolate Macadamia...yummmmm! King Sooper bakery variety are to die for...Rael
6/6/2012Fifty shades of stupid

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