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2/15/2013Obvoius physics fail is obvious.
2/15/2013Way to spread disinfo, then when proven wrong, turn around your arguement
2/13/2013When we grow - amach.
2/13/2013From Artaius
2/13/2013I Like His Name
2/13/2013Some drugs again
2/4/2013Love and hugs for you...pinkpixiexx
2/4/2013If that's you in the avatar, you look really fucking retarded
2/3/2013Greetings from Ralph--a house dog
2/3/2013Smilesun was here :-).
1/31/2013Born to be stupid
1/28/2013Donotbe to stoned inyouravatar withlotsanlotsof bonghits beforeyourphototsken what!
1/20/2013Not the banks dammit, lol! Hope all is well with you, take care! - insertfunnyusername :)
1/20/2013Nice guy
1/20/2013For the smiles ;-)
1/20/2013Greetings from Artaius
1/20/2013Thnx, Dutchguy.
1/20/2013Thanks for the karma, from , JUST HERE
1/20/2013A very sweet and kind person..ty from pinkpixiexx
1/20/2013Did the same for 5 people few yrs ago (when SHR was still around) - good job
1/20/2013For being generous....geminilio​n
1/20/2013Support for the forum ~ Beeltlejuice
1/20/2013For giving upgrades...bouncing elephant
1/20/2013Nice thread -Dr. Acula
1/19/2013Dopey looking
1/9/2013Thanks! <MyAffliction>
12/30/2012No reason
12/29/2012Bunk your fucking own threads gay boy
12/29/2012Must reduce your good karma so you can't pin anymore of your shit threads.
12/29/2012Stunning experiment +1, tke
12/29/2012Good post kid~Hales
12/28/2012For upgrading people...Shoot Straight Johnny
12/28/2012Its generous to help others
12/28/2012Karma to help you out - sunyata
12/28/2012For upgrade randomness. -Moo!
12/25/2012And who the fuck are you exactly? Ant. Flea. Dog. Shill. Bleed some red.
12/25/2012Thanks for my very first Karma point! ^_^
12/25/2012For superpinning the funniest thing ive ever seen in my life
12/23/2012Great thread op~sonic doom:)
12/23/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
12/23/2012Fandango Rangers Appreciate your Efforts!
12/8/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
12/7/2012Friday green for you! Elemental :)
10/25/2012Good one - RoXY
10/15/20121 for the pin aha
10/7/2012Havent seen you in a while....qarley
9/28/2012Miss our convo's. warriorsbond
9/14/2012Reported Copyright Violation
9/13/2012Reported Copyright Violation
9/11/2012Buddy Karma & for linking up! <3 BDE
9/11/2012Green Karma 4 Your Collection Of Doomish Thread... Troubled Waters
9/11/2012Reported Copyright Violation
9/11/2012Reported Copyright Violation
9/10/2012Good thread! ~ digitalgoodtime
9/10/2012Have a nice day!! ~ThinkOutsideTheBox~
9/10/2012Good updates
9/9/2012Thanks for the green.:D warriorsbond.
9/9/2012Astros dicksucker
9/9/2012Anonymous flirt! ;)
9/8/2012For being on the same wave length-Qarley
9/8/2012Double rainbow - bugged out
9/2/2012For the Arnold thread. From Tiger1.
9/2/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/1/2012Fandango Rangers appreciate your viliglance!
9/1/2012Have some FANDANGO FUCKING RED BITCH. yuck..
9/1/2012Have some FANDANGO FUCKING RED BITCH. yuck..
8/21/2012Being cute
8/12/2012Starry-Have a good one!
8/11/2012Cheers! Atropine
8/6/2012Nameste my friend. For ur recent thread
8/6/2012Great ruminations
8/6/2012Words of wisdom! - kindadistorted
8/6/2012Thanks for the post, im sure everyone feels the same
8/6/2012Very good post. I believe the same way. +1
8/6/2012Good point of view! Keep it coming! CrazyMama73
8/6/2012Reported Copyright Violation
8/6/2012EleKtroN was here :)
8/6/2012Reported Copyright Violation
8/6/2012Reported Copyright Violation
8/6/2012Reported Copyright Violation
8/5/2012I hate will farrell
8/5/2012Reported Copyright Violation
8/5/2012Reported Copyright Violation
8/5/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
8/5/2012Reported Copyright Violation
8/5/2012Very cool. thanks for the nasa links. shellbe
8/5/2012Just in time will thanks for the info PIN!!
8/5/2012To counter the negative
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