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A Mery Can's Karma

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6/13/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
6/12/2014Thanks!!! ghostrunner
6/11/2014Hugs}} Keep safe up there!!! *Haarp Lady
6/10/2014Thanks! Ag47
6/10/2014Always enjoy your posts. Thanks and blessings! Much Peace, Love, and Light~Always~WFTMissi​on
6/10/2014Shooter Barricaded in house shots fired --- Elena.C
6/10/2014Any time my friend!....>>>>Settle​4It<<<<
6/10/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
6/10/2014SNT is the man. -- Munsoned
6/10/2014Hi my friend :) hope all is well! ~TH
6/10/2014Cause I owe you one... - R.P. McMurphy
6/9/2014Time for the military to step up and honer the oath they took. PERIOD! - Mr C
6/7/2014Nah-T :)
6/6/2014Thankyou Kindlyâ¦.. abinadi.
6/6/2014Love from Terrrie....xxx
6/4/2014You need a hug love GFG
5/31/2014Wrath O Luna
5/31/2014Nah-T :)
5/31/2014Happy Friday!! ~ Simple27 : )
5/30/2014Tdp :)
5/30/2014Karma ((((HUGS))))....>>>>S​ettle4It<<<<
5/30/2014Brief :)
5/30/2014Pre Weekend GREEN form THE INQUISIDOR
5/30/2014Green to you - G3
5/30/2014My wife loves those sheep....God Bless....The Old Timer
5/30/2014Back at cha ~norml85~
5/27/2014Love GFG
5/27/2014Yup, Drunk Uncle
5/26/2014Weekly love bro-dqwhispers
5/23/2014Hope you have a wonderful memorial day weekend! xo eekers
5/23/2014Brief :)
5/23/2014Thanks for the Karma - G3
5/22/2014HUMPDAY green from THE INQUISIDOR
5/21/2014Thanks friend - Lisa :)
5/21/2014SkinnyChic :-)
5/21/2014Hope you're having a nice week! ~ Simple27 : )
5/21/2014I didn't green you, I don't think, but thanks for mine! SenterSun
5/21/2014Green for green :) - TDP
5/21/2014Twain requested this karma. pool
5/21/2014From Prowilson123 :)
5/19/2014Haha a green hen back atcha~Bambi2U
5/19/2014Ka-POW!!! _flameworker
5/19/2014Green karma kindness - hindsight2020
5/19/2014Done ar15-nut
5/19/2014Slipping ya some green. To Infinity & Beyond
5/19/2014It was you! Thanks for the "hens"-- sees
5/19/2014Karma ((((HUGS))))....>>>>S​ettle4It<<<<
5/15/2014I have no idea why you gave me red last week, so I'm returning the favor. - R.P. McMurphy
5/15/2014Reported Abusive Post
5/15/2014Thanks so much! Ricky retardo. i don't suppose you're areMarylander are you?
5/14/2014SIcKaNdTwIsTeD~!!! ibyte on 2
5/14/2014Reported Abusive Post
5/14/2014Thx for the clappa on the iphone company mail app - didler
5/13/2014Brief :)
5/13/2014Love you bro -dqwhispers
5/13/2014Reported Abusive Post
5/12/2014Buddy Karma :) KarinZa
5/11/2014Big Hug ;) AkO
5/11/2014Sunday Green From The Inquisidir
5/11/2014Give it a poke. -- Munsoned
5/9/2014Chickenlivers! says howdy :)
5/8/2014Perfect name for the perfect avi :) abi~
5/7/2014Hey, Mister Obvious was here!
5/7/2014Much love from eekers!! :)
5/7/2014Difference of opinion = shill... fun times. Stay cool, man! - El Duderino
5/6/2014Go Packers! Carol B.
5/6/2014Reported Abusive Post
5/3/2014Sweet profile picture - Kai
5/2/2014Screwed up Friday green from THE INQUISIDOR
5/2/2014Cheers man ~ Beetle
4/29/2014Wrath O' Luna
4/29/2014Why won't this guy leave the site already
4/29/2014Midget sex lmao ~norml85
4/29/2014Reported Abusive Post
4/27/2014I was wrong about you
4/23/2014Howdy!! eekers
4/23/2014Enjoy the spring! nah :)
4/23/2014Reported Abusive Post
4/23/2014Amen brother. -- Munsoned
4/22/2014Hugs* thx for the smile :) TH
4/22/2014Love the avatar ~CigarTigher
4/21/2014Reported Abusive Post
4/21/2014Precious as always. You're a great poster. Vala :-)
4/20/2014Reported Abusive Post
4/19/2014Love GFG
4/18/2014Awesome post! Turtles - standing up for the old folk :)
4/17/2014Happy almost Easter ~ Chugiakian
4/16/2014Hugs from eekers!
4/16/2014Zuckerbeg was here
4/16/2014Earthquake karma! Boy that was something else! Hugs AkO
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