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Haelo's Karma

Total: 34 (34  User Votes) and 14

8/25/2012PLEASE tell me you shave your Kitty! (LOL)- EGO SUM NEX
8/18/2012Love you! - Lisa:)
8/13/2012Luv om
8/9/2012Eat this
8/8/2012Go learn how to love urself and others
8/7/2012Still the best av ever - The Light Under the Door
8/2/2012Fag lover
8/2/2012Moons cool :D
8/1/2012For having to deal with idiots. Batmom
7/16/2012In sky.5 *. warriorsbond
7/7/2012Cute av - Candy Corn
7/7/2012A question exact this seen while thread ago apparent so troll is. 1 1
7/2/2012Another week, another nonsense:P have a good one dragunov_1977
6/24/2012Have a pleasent sunday Haelo dragunov_1977
6/24/2012Just because ~ skittle
6/17/2012For tellin off Miss Panties in a bunch
6/14/2012Weekend almost here Haelo :) dragunov_1977
6/9/2012Watch and listen to the birds. They know what's going down. - Six Six Six
6/8/2012Like your kitty....:}Lekker
5/28/2012I'd give you some of my puppy chow if I could -Murphy
5/24/2012I will invade your cat and kill all your threads! -Who.
5/18/2012I read it, your right
5/18/2012For siding with murderous pigs
5/18/2012Have a great weekend Haelo :) dragunov_1977
5/16/2012No Link? You Stink!
5/14/2012Thinks there are two suns
5/13/2012Baby murderer
5/10/2012Happy greetz and have a green thursday :) dragunov_1977
5/10/2012Saw your Karma was low and with a cute avatar like that, I had to send some your way, have a fantastic day! ayr phorce yuan ;)
5/8/2012Spot on against the haters !
5/7/2012Cute avatar pic :-)
5/6/2012Thank you for positive post to husband/prepping thread. Serendipitous
5/2/2012Hello kitty kat.
5/1/2012Good posts +1 dragunov_1977
4/27/2012Kate :)
4/26/2012Racism is a cancer, stop spreading it.
4/25/2012Compliments of...Phoenix SunGate...
4/22/2012Supportive of racist comments.
4/20/2012Can i be your friend_ i dont do faceb_ when i checked you had 108 posts_ mrroy
4/20/2012For the Santa Sleigh thread
4/20/2012I am not a anonymous coward.... You're a black kat(~). tSJ
4/19/2012I like the disappearing post. WindyMind
4/19/2012Great post and subject to start. - ShabbyOrange
4/19/2012Great topic - Turtle

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