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9/29/2023Well said. pool
9/28/2023Icing on the cake JaySeelow
5/10/2023For being a human being - ArchimedesGirl
3/30/2023Yep ðŸ‘
3/24/2023Much gratitude green....love-love, cosmicgypsy
3/12/2023Confiscation is deadly
2/15/2023Tubeman!! :) green from Music Muse
12/22/2022Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
12/22/2022Faithful assistant Jim! Starbird was here.
10/13/2022Gratitude green....love-love, cosmicgypsy
3/10/2018It's relaxing just looking at your profile gif ~FarMore
3/1/2018Constitution!Hickory 49
2/18/2018Thanks! I thought I was the only one who noticed this - Patriotic black dude
1/30/2018Outstanding thread
1/29/2018From one to another O.S. Card fan! - Paranoid Chick
1/21/2018Lovely words for Hankie. Perfect under the circumstances. - Paranoid Chick
1/21/2018Greenest kindness-Ursabruin
12/5/2017I think I like you! hannah
9/24/2016Thanks for the support :) --Baltimoran
10/11/2015Love, peace, joy and harmony are the best vitamins in the Universe xxxK
8/26/2015Thanks-higgs bozo
7/25/2015Thank you. Hope you're having a great weekend!-DenizenOfHel​l
7/24/2015I hear ya thank you - Chrit
6/15/2015Stopping by and dropping some green vitamins xxxK
6/14/2015Thanks for the green...I always like to return the favor! Former TWA cruiser! All the best!
5/6/2015Green for doggie day care feedback = tripleh
4/15/2015I hope you are well! WeAreOne.
4/9/2015Fight the good fight
3/28/2015Simple27 : )
2/26/2015Exorcise This
2/25/2015Green is the flow of spring, the color of love and everything healthy --- hugs xxxK
2/16/2015Thank you!!! lilac.nights
1/26/2015Lily o the Valley was here
1/2/2015Thanks for the laugh~sick&twisted~
12/27/2014Thank you 11-15
12/11/2014Thank you for your "Rainbow of Sound." :) AnonymousGirl
11/30/2014Happy Sunday-greens xxxK
11/23/2014Love your terminology on the tornado thread. ChiaPet
11/23/2014432 thread, great input. Fret Wiz
11/6/2014Thank you for all of your information on Oils! ~ Beso :)
10/20/2014Input on Automated Call thread
10/14/2014Thanks for all the Essential Oil info!!!
10/14/2014For caring about The Old Timer ~ Chugiakian
10/14/2014Bitten by stray dogs. Only side-effect is a rather nifty desire to howl at the full Moon. ~Snuffie.
10/13/2014Thank you for your poem "Memory of Trees" :-) Rising Son
10/13/2014Please keep sharing re: oils :) Thank you!!! ~ Beso
10/2/2014EO love! -PirateMonkey
9/27/2014Weekend green from Lil Sis :-)
9/10/2014For incorporating music lyrics into a rant. I can relate. -- Rantprone
9/1/2014Smilin' green from Lil Sis :-)
8/28/2014Hello! Tinfoil
8/27/2014Karma for being so polite in threads! -TruthNow88
8/18/2014There is much sense in this. I believe it was an old treatment, effective, for tuberculosis, as well. Good post.
8/2/2014Thank you and I appreciate the great advise you left in the thread
7/31/2014Good to see you! Tinfoil
7/31/2014Excellent Answer To My Question
7/24/2014Heads up and green we live by the truth in our hearts xxxK
7/23/2014Thank you too! G.Samsa
7/2/2014Just cause you'fe literate :-) -- Lil Sis
6/26/2014Haha! :)
6/23/2014Love your posts - Lil Sis
6/21/2014Thank you for caring about Aspen (my cat) hannah
6/21/2014"Happy weekend" greens xxxK
6/19/2014Safety Karma. SkinnyChic
6/13/2014For great how to posts - good info Lil Sis
6/12/2014Good defense plan
6/1/2014Thanks for all you great encouragement about kitchen ideas, etc, WK
5/13/2014You are very welcome. Tnx for the gift xxxK
5/8/2014Good luck and prayers ur way for ur doggie, savcash
5/1/2014Prayers and love to you and your wonderful dog. Nines
3/1/2014Thank you :) Much Love, Lucy
2/26/2014My very best wishes! WeAreOne :)
1/25/2014For your small house story. Mine brings back very find memories, too! ~interested_1
1/13/2014Excellent post to the Mysterious Booms thread. Great contribution. Thank you! - OnTheFence
12/22/2013Gramma info. pool
12/16/2013Thanks Im!! hard to believe her owners did not value her!! grrrreen fur u too
12/12/2013<3 ap girl !
12/12/2013Thank you ! From Tiger1.
12/1/2013Christmas Green Sprinkles from WeAreOne :-)
11/27/2013Happy Thanksgiving! Rhombus
11/27/2013For truth
11/20/2013Waterlily sends you green!
11/18/2013WeAreOne saying good morning to you :)
11/9/2013WeAreOne passing through :)
11/8/2013Great to see you! Rhombus
10/28/2013Great NaNoWriMo idea. Hapless
10/28/2013From green_girl - glad you enjoyed them!
10/20/2013Thanks! ~ TMH
10/13/2013For eloquent, succinct accuracy on 'clash'... thank you!
10/9/2013Stoned Goddess
10/8/2013Rimshot* smiley - ANHEDONIC
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