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Simple Sojourner's Karma

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9/27/2023For your truth - Coy
9/19/2022Thank you - justme
6/15/2021Plus One From Butch Defeo
4/9/2021Thank you
2/22/2021It's sad to think what it is going to take to wake people up. People love to hate more than they want to use common sense.
1/10/2021Beautiful post in the dad dying thread. beeches
1/5/2021It's Time and the time is now
3/20/2020Would do unto others what they can't handle done to themselves
2/12/2020Your posts are sincere and kind...thank you
1/27/2020Was going to give you red, but gave green instead. As not everything comes with a nice little link. ~BigBlock~
12/28/2019Excellent post, trust the plan thread. Pepperroni
12/4/2019Bunch of globalist scum
9/30/2019Get some green, man! TSPNS

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