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hapless moran's Karma

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12/4/2012You intrigue the fuck outta me - Carshy
12/3/2012Love GFG
12/2/2012Heey Brotha monkey man. Have some green - BHD
12/1/2012Much love, Bea :)
11/30/2012Rock on brother!
11/30/2012The INQUISADOR
11/30/2012One green back for you...Shoot straight Johnny
11/29/2012You should'nt use your own picture as an avator.
11/29/2012The phantom red thumb strikes again... BAD KARMA!! Muahahaha!!
11/28/2012Larisa was here :)
11/26/2012Like you picture
11/23/2012Greetings from THE INQUISADOR
11/22/2012Happy Holidays -- Travis Bickle
11/22/2012Thx uncle
11/20/2012Nice post
11/18/2012This Brianless Moran BLA recruit does not deserve such kind recognition from Sub-Commandante Bobo! I will treasure the communication always! BLA RULES!
11/16/2012There u are )))Love GFG
11/16/2012Karma hugs for you - Thank you! Nika
11/16/2012A karma hug from Lady Jane Smith
11/16/2012Watchin' EQs like a hawk. Keep it up. Wash
11/16/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
11/14/2012Travis Bickle was here!
11/12/2012I am Table - funniest thing I've seen all day
11/12/2012Waz up.. The Inquisador
11/10/2012With Romney's loss, I anticipate that the time for the BLA to make it's move is near...BLA to the rescue!
11/10/2012CRAZY THREAD! goneviral
11/9/2012Hugs)) Turtles Voice
11/7/2012For sucking cocks
11/5/2012Insightful 'RV' post ;)
11/3/2012For preaching The Word - jdb
11/2/2012Where are you, you hapless moran? WindyMind
11/2/2012Geaaaaauuuuxxxx Tigers
10/31/2012The Inquisador Surfaces
10/29/2012Thank you! :) God Bless always!! ((hugs)) -GALonFire
10/29/2012Good thing baboons like water...BLA rules Hurricane Sandy!!! Our hour approaches...BLA for the win!
10/29/2012Have a great one! Larisa :)
10/27/2012Thanks for the green - Hydra
10/24/2012Brief :)
10/21/2012Returning karma - eternium
10/16/2012The BLA's time is almost here...Baboons Unite! Brianless Moran
10/15/2012Inquisador Was Here
10/10/2012Sorcha karma. -Rev
10/8/2012Fandango Salute!
10/7/2012If not by marriage, then by affiliation. You have released my inner baboon! BLA Rules! Brianless Moran
10/7/2012Keeping us updated)))GFG
10/5/2012The Inquisador Was here
10/4/2012Thanks ;) MAnuK
10/3/2012This your karma coming back. WindyMind
10/2/2012Just Bea-cause ;) Bea Nameless
9/29/2012Reported Abusive Post
9/27/2012You have been Judged by JUDGE DOOMTARD
9/24/2012So i take it the segway was better, LoL
9/24/2012Great Thread..The INQUISADOR
9/22/2012Martian princesinha :)
9/21/2012Roll Tide, good Sir. Just saw your post re: "Bishop Romney" ~Herman the Kid.
9/20/2012GLP Kitteah-Tard Karma from Lady Jane Smith :o)
9/18/2012Chocolate meat? really? -Moo!
9/18/2012Reported Abusive Post
9/18/2012Thank You ! From Tiger1.
9/14/2012It has its advantages. We southern belles are kinda cute,too. - Dease
9/13/2012Reported Abusive Post
9/13/2012U have alot of heart!
9/13/2012For following up
9/13/2012PRAISE the Lord that you're doing good!!!! (GALonFire4TheLord)
9/13/2012Hope you are ok....Oyster
9/13/2012Hope I didn't just waste this, so let us know how you are. Get well!D'Light
9/13/2012Hope you are home and feeling well. Let us know! Sloane
9/13/2012Please b ok. warriorsbond
9/13/2012Sorry to hear that
9/12/2012Hope your okay D: - AtsuiPanda
9/12/2012Feel Better! - love and prayers - morganite
9/12/2012Don't you die on us! -Dr. Acula
9/12/2012Hump Day hello :) L.
9/11/2012Great posts!! Peace WildFlower
9/5/2012For defending Demode and Wild Honey - abeliever :)
9/5/2012Decause the world would be better place with more folks like you - Demode
9/5/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
9/5/2012And I salute you back :-) Rising Son
9/4/2012A new dawn is approaching for the BLA!!!! Ego Sum Nex
9/4/2012For Nasreddin as well:) G. Samsa
9/3/2012Cheers for the Karma! Also back at you :) . Lostlamp
9/1/2012Thank You! Now some green picke kudos~ Fubarman
9/1/2012More Belly Laughs Needed Peace WildFlower
8/28/2012For Creating a PEDO thread as an AC (Re: Who else get a woodie watching the gymnastic competitions?)
8/25/2012Glad to hear you liked the smiley . manu
8/25/2012Just Bea-cause :)
8/22/2012Some of the funniest (yet true) observations in some time!
8/19/2012Thanking you again for the belly laughs. Peace, WildFlower
8/18/2012Glp culture.thnx. warriorsbond
8/18/2012Because you actually took the time to name off over 70 reasons lol
8/18/2012Love it !!! ~TS66
8/18/2012Ha! I've been here a year and I still didn't know half of that stuff
8/18/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
8/18/2012WELL DONE!!!! (75 Points of GLP) -- Travis Bickle
8/17/2012Great thread yo! - CHL2T
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