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hapless moran's Karma

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8/17/2012Thanks for the laughs! ~ from gingy
8/17/2012Awesome list! ~giving anonymously just to break the mold ;o)
8/17/2012Most awesome GLP list EVER!!
8/17/20125 star thread
8/17/2012Excellent thread!
8/17/2012BUMP xx MzTreeChick
8/17/2012There is always someone waiting to give you bad karma,and the cowards will never tell you who they are.
8/17/2012Awesome list of GLP stuff - Lime
8/17/2012Hilarious thread on GLP culture
8/17/2012LOL, you're funny guy! Best wishes from Greece! - insertfunnyusername
8/17/2012This should be mandatory reading before even viewing the site, let alone posting!!!
8/16/2012For your glp culture thread, from Shoot straight Johnny
8/16/2012Nephilim probed your butthole!
8/16/2012Glad you liked the smillie :) L.
8/16/2012Just because...
8/16/2012No pearls to be fed to pigs. to the Morans who don't appreciate the finer points of our GLP culture.
8/16/2012Quite simply a fantastic post - haha! ~ Sloane
8/16/2012For GLP Culture Thread ~ Lady Jane Smith
8/16/2012Ha ha ha delightful!
8/16/2012Loved your glp culture thread! -Anubis
8/16/2012Culture points is super awesome - t man
8/16/2012Love it
8/16/2012Was waiting to give you bad karma
8/16/2012Karma for Culture
8/16/2012GLP... lol -chris999
8/16/2012Calling it))GFG
8/16/2012Because I needed a laugh today and this certainly fits the bill.
8/16/2012Fun thread, AxE
8/16/2012GLP Thread ~ Beso :)
8/16/2012Baboon butt know it all
8/16/2012Bestest post EVAH!
8/16/2012MORAN! - Tard
8/16/2012Good Person.. The Inquisador
8/15/2012Karma from them ol fandango Rangers!
8/11/2012Brief :)
8/11/2012You gave me Karma recently, repaying the favor! :) -Evol Eric
8/11/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/7/2012For Creating a PEDO thread as an AC (Re: Who else get a woodie watching the gymnastic competitions?)
8/6/2012Ahh, don't be sad buddy, good times are ahead for all of us! and big-ups to you man, your humor is always appreciated
8/4/2012Fandango Rangers!
8/3/2012For official hapless moran poll
8/3/2012FakeDeath - thanx :)
8/2/2012Thanks for comments. --digital mix guy
8/2/2012Errrm,the girls ARE "above age" (Eurosport said that their average age is NINETEEN),I hate paedos as much as any upright member of society,but SOMEBODY had to do this and,bless him,'Hap
8/1/2012For posting utter shite & misleading thread title of 'solar news'
8/1/2012I would trust them more if they were naked. I'm just funny that way. +1 LOL -Buddha_
7/29/2012Kool thanks for the karma, banned
7/29/2012Carsh MORAN! - Tard :)
7/28/2012Thanks for the acknowledgement :) L.
7/26/2012This is a serious issue and he blatanly trolls
7/26/2012Karma for the 5 stars : ) -Shodan99VR4
7/25/2012Reported Abusive Post
7/25/2012What a GREAT song 'Something in the Air' YEAH! ~ Truly
7/25/2012Unable to help with car but will give you a free green -- Paa Tal
7/25/2012Fairy physics!!! LMAO
7/24/2012I do what i can -- mordier
7/24/2012Good advice, concisely put.
7/24/2012Right back atcha, from Stand!
7/24/2012To counter the red Karma :) Junie
7/23/2012Breaking Solar NEWS: TOMORROW!
7/23/2012Miss Stacia salutes back at you! Endave
7/23/2012Long live progressive rock! -Gregor Samsa
7/21/2012Bull shit
7/21/2012The funniest things happen at a diner.
7/20/2012Lotion for the motion,
7/20/2012Prayer to you as well. may the Lord show you the light and may you be willing :)
7/14/2012My Father's Brother just called me. LOL!
7/13/2012Back at ya! maguyver
7/12/2012For saying Goodnight! :)
7/10/2012Post them dreams....at least the G rated ones...yaright
7/10/2012Dream prediction fail (Dont do this again please sir)
7/10/2012Hopefully undo that red one from some jerkweed~Godzilla85
7/10/2012For mentioning GMT ;-) WeAreOne.
7/10/2012I'll give you good karma :) OMH
7/6/2012Nothing worse then Bare Ams.. I was going to pull the same thread. Hawk02
7/6/2012For being a Hapless Moran ;-)
7/6/2012Thank You! Brief :)
7/3/2012Vatican manipulating mass...lol...Thinking​outsidetherhombus
7/2/2012Don't put your faith in loser's, chart your own destiny...
7/1/2012God bless you! - Lisa:)
7/1/2012Postive comment
6/30/2012Thank you so much for contributing.
6/18/2012Great post
6/6/2012For slutty neighbor- SpiderJones
5/27/2012Gloryhole tongue janitor.
5/24/2012Lol at the Santa joke :) - subzero86
5/21/2012Hi! Earth420 :)
5/17/2012Because i can
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