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Pyractomena borealis's Karma

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4/17/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/2/2017Very nice, you have excellent taste!
9/21/2013Hello Pyra! Miss you...Love Spirit666
8/12/2013Wow what a total fucking idiot.
8/10/2013Honey Badger got it going on :) LOL - Eireann~
8/6/2013Happy tuesday :) ~ A Friend
8/1/2013It's a troll stupid
7/25/2013Thanks for the comments on the Fed Video (physicist)
7/23/2013Thank you for your contribution! - CoTA
7/21/2013For Being Hateful For No Reason ~ H0NEYBEE
7/10/2013Loss of fear: Forgotten
7/9/2013Hello Pyra :) Love Spirit666
7/2/2013Music escape (kindred) You should come play on the music threads :) Sloane
6/30/2013Scriptures are alive and living. come back from the dead and partake of the good thing
6/30/2013For a pinned thread :PPP
6/30/2013Thanks for the karma - ANHEDONIC
6/19/2013Hi ~ A Friend
6/12/2013Oh look it's another of GLP Stormfront crowd. BANE THIS ONE!
6/6/2013This is a gun
6/4/2013Thank you ~ A Friend
5/31/2013Andrei :)
5/30/2013I think we should stick to the 'nicer' threads - haha! Hugs, Sloane
5/28/2013Referring to women as chattel
5/27/2013Prya! :D So good to see you Love Spirit666
5/27/2013Hello ~ A Friend
5/22/2013"I start like this" so nice. Have the best day :) Sloane
5/19/2013Hi ~ A Friend
5/16/2013For being a true American. FOTN ;-)
5/14/2013Thank You~A Heretic
5/14/2013Ty for the karma and poetry :-)
5/12/2013Sunday green :) Sloane
5/11/2013Good to see you honey! (((hugs))) Thanks for everything :) Love Spirit666
5/11/2013Should you really have sex without a relationship
5/9/2013Yo ~ A Friend
5/9/2013Nice thread....Comperio
5/7/2013Thanks for your comment :) WeAreOne.
4/29/2013Proper time. When doors open, not when they are smashed down. Thanks for the inspiring words!
4/28/2013Great book!
4/28/2013Stfu you asshole clown
4/28/2013For realizing zionist propaganda - mhanth4f
4/17/2013Hello ~ A Friend
4/11/2013I love Latin
4/11/2013Love your thoughts - Wolfen /v\
4/10/2013Like your comment on Yes -- But absolutely love your avatar!! :)
4/10/2013''That aliens genetically engineered mankind means only that they created our bodies, not our souls.'' WOOOORD UP peace yo ONE LOVE - ExTraDimensionaL777
4/6/2013Peace and Love!! - CoTA
4/6/2013Hey Pyractomena! Thank you for stopping by...please post whatever you want :) ttys Love Spirit666
4/5/2013Nice words :) Sloane
3/19/2013A peacefull green from azaxo ;P
3/18/2013Hello ~ A Friend
3/13/2013Thanks for nice words =) Keep smiling! DontBeAfraidEVER
3/11/2013Septenary Man
3/9/2013I can't believe said thread was pinned.... LOL ;P peaceful green from azaxo
3/4/2013Thanx! - RoXY
2/26/2013Hi ~ A Friend
2/17/2013No need to feel lonely ~deaf:3
2/11/2013Love and appreciation, thanks for being you <3 141
2/4/2013Peace from axoaz :P
1/30/2013Good comment on my Thread
1/27/2013Thank you for your kind words :-) Rising Son
1/26/2013Love GFG
1/25/2013Sept man
1/23/2013A Friend
1/20/2013Love and appreciation, 141
12/17/2012Thanks for your words - Sept Man
12/13/2012I love love:)
12/13/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
12/12/2012Very nice avatar ~ A Friend
12/9/2012SoS/SS/Septenary Man...you never have to apologize for anything you say or 'do' to me. Especially karma stuff. Thumbsup
12/8/2012Yeah talk to strangers, liked that. :) Sloane
11/30/2012Holocaust denier
11/30/2012Eat this
11/29/2012For being sensible...oh and love. always spreading love. Qarley
11/26/2012Love the avatar! Seashells are so beautiful -- from goodmockingbird
11/25/2012"united States of Zionist Israel">>>>MuzzleBrea​k
11/22/2012For your avatar
11/21/2012Dumb loser.
11/20/2012Lots of love to you... you matter, and you are amazing, never forget that, hope everything will work out for you, 141
10/29/2012With love~DH:_)
10/22/2012Child, when will you grow to become an adult without need of an imaginary sky daddy?
9/30/2012Pin this fuck stain
9/29/2012Idiot -1
9/16/2012Good Karma to you for posting on the thread!!! Thanks, Strangela
9/6/2012For saying "didees" hilarious!
9/3/2012Yes, real as can be:)
8/31/2012Low IQ
8/22/2012Building 7, good advice <3
8/19/2012Thanks for your help :) -pharaohchromium
8/16/2012Reported Abusive Post
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