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Stairway to Evan's Karma

Total: 55 (40  User Votes + 15  Thread Reports) and 9

12/20/2021Good point
5/25/2021"When I read crab cake filled mushrooms, I think I came a little.." Uncivilized.
6/14/2017" Why? It sounds like it was looking for a handout, it would just vote democrat." hahaha ha!:-) morgan
6/15/2012Have a great weekend. AtheistRepublican
6/14/2012Johnson/Gray 2012
6/13/2012For helping me stand up to the pedos -Mut
6/13/2012Thnx for your statement on the racist.
6/13/2012Reported Copyright Violation
6/13/2012Da *Man* - Zombie FR
6/12/2012Have a good day!-From Is it possible?
6/12/2012Karma for the guy who doesn't let idiot posters get him down - Resister
6/12/2012To balance the liberal fucktards -Nem
6/12/2012Ypur idiotic avatar leads me to beleive you are the type of white to beat off to interracial porn, while your fellow whites get beaten by blacks. -1 1
6/11/2012There he is! sonic
6/11/2012Libertariantard. - Moo.
6/11/2012Romney supporter. This guy loves the establishment!
6/8/2012Thank you, Evan, for giving a "ClappaMan" to my comment, on page 9 of the Obamacare thread. and I am with you - I won't believe it until I hear it! from Eggcellent
6/8/2012Great signature line, so true! -- from goodmockingbird
6/8/2012Merci was here.
6/7/2012Dumb fuck...
6/7/2012For loving capitalism!! Carol B.
6/7/2012Did you bug out? Sleeping Giant
6/4/2012For your willingness to be open to Divine energies!! Goo~
5/31/2012Whats goin on evan. sonic doom
5/31/2012Green for you - subzero86
5/31/2012Good on ya Evan!
5/31/2012I love you for you
5/30/2012Thx lots of deluded people around here. with the state of things cant say i blame them for hoping.
5/30/2012Yay canada
5/30/2012Ron paul 2012
5/30/2012Haha, I wonder which Giants fan gave me that karma!! Votto= World Series MVP 2012!!!!
5/30/2012Can't legislate morality...nice - googooflexy
5/28/2012Climate change deniers thread karma, because I can - Resister
5/28/2012Using Fox News as a source for global warnming denial. You must be a special kind of stupid.
5/25/2012Lol, "I forgive you too....for this s#%tty thread." PB
5/22/2012The American Dream Alive & Well --- DRAGOON
5/21/2012Good 911 thread....
5/21/2012Awesome reply~awake but dreaming
5/21/2012Welcome back ;) - Resister
5/18/2012Reported Abusive Post
5/18/2012Reported Abusive Post
5/18/2012Reported Abusive Post
5/18/2012Reported Abusive Post
5/18/2012Reported Abusive Post
5/18/2012Gary Johnson 2012 - Moo!
5/17/2012Back at you....Oyster
5/17/2012Thanks for sticking up for me
5/17/2012Great points thank you
5/16/2012Cheers, SG
5/15/2012Reported Abusive Post

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