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January 7, 2017
Media Silent as Obama Signs ‘US Ministry of Truth’ Law to Fund Propaganda Aimed at Americans
US Special Operations Forces Deploy to 138 Nations, 70 Percent of the World's Countries
Philadelphia in shock over 51% beverage tax
US Corporate Press Selectively Publicizes Disagreements between CIA, President
FBI Never Even Investigated the DNC Servers They Claim Russia Hacked
FBI deletes details about hacking effort in document release
Official: FLL shooter told FBI that gov't controlled his mind
January 4, 2017
WikiLeaks offers $30,000 bounty for evidence of Obama officials destroying records
January 2, 2017
Donald Trump's team says more focus should be on ‘punishing’ Hillary Clinton than on Russia election hacking
December 31, 2016
HIDDEN CAM: Hilarious ‘Transgender’ Dog Prank!
December 30, 2016
December 27, 2016
NSA Pick Served On Board Of 'Brain Fingerprinting' Company With KGB Spy
Divergent Views: How Well Will Trump Get Along With His Own Cabinet?
Jerry Pournelle talks about China's orbital tests of the EMDrive as a bigger than Sputnik moment
$160 billion hedge fund wants Artificial intelligence software.
Tesla Powerpacks Provide Energy Storage For North Carolina Island
Recently Declassified House Intel Report "Accidentally Exonerates" Edward Snowden
Anonymous' Journalist Released after 4 Years in Jail -- Vows Never to Back Down
SCIENCE WARNING: Messing with genes could WIPE OUT geniuses from the earth
Goldman-Sachs Caught Manipulating US Dollar -- No One Arrested, Slap on Wrist Instead
Italy's deadly supervolcano is readying itself for another eruption
Why are red-winged blackbirds falling out of the sky?
This scientist re-wires frogs to grow extra limbs. Could it work in humans?
Leftist “tolerance” on display as unhinged liberals call for genocide against whites and attacks on conservative “cripples”
Researchers discover evidence of malaria in 2000-year-old ancient Roman remains
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