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Johns' Guide to Beat Illuminati-Freemasonic Police Prostitution Sting!

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United States
12/15/2010 02:20 AM
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Johns' Guide to Beat Illuminati-Freemasonic Police Prostitution Sting!

Most Police Chiefs and mayors are Freemasons. They do prostitution sting to discourage Johns from seeing Prostitute/Escort. When the Prostitute/Escort does not get clients, they cannot live. They cannot pay the rent, and depend on the government for foodstamps. The landlord lose money by not able to collect rent. The landlord cannot pay their mortgages, if they are mortgage their apartment. The bank reposes the property. If there is no sales, then the county finally reposes the property. This domino effect causes the economy to finally collapse. Out of chaos comes the New World Order. Escort Service is the last business the Illuminati must assault to bring America into bankruptcy. The hidden agenda behind the escort/prostitution sting operation is to bring America into the Great Depression II. If more men beat the prostitution sting operation, America can recover from the Great Recession. Escort Services transfer wealth from the rich to the middle class and to the poor.