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Abc of eternal life .

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1442546
United States
06/25/2011 07:53 AM
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Abc of eternal life .
Abc of eternal life

We are born out of love, the love of God. Being born out of love our free will has a great importance and in heaven we had the free will even if to exit Heaven and to die. Now dying may be not expiring but being stuck in Hades.
Because this will was exercised , we are now in big trouble. We are born without eternal life and excluded from heaven. This entire life we are called to exercise the free will and to return back to heaven and eternal life.
This is what you need to do.

1. Eternal Life

By being expunged from Heaven, Adam felt sorry and he exercised his free will to ask God to help him return home, to Paradise. He did stay 40 days without food or water and God heard that his Creation wants back and promised that he will send Word of God to recover his Creation.
The only person that claimed to be Word of God was Jesus. He did came with specific purpose not of giving wisdom, neither power but to allow people to get back eternal life and entrance to heaven. In year 33 he established his Church in Jerusalem, Eastern Orthodox Church.
The sick angel did not stay empty handed . Because of his sickness he wants people to forget about God and that they are on Earth with the specific mission to make their mind about their future. He started throwing atheism, and other deceiving religions without food for eternal life and entrance to heaven hopping to catch as many people as possible. Even if looks incredible people associate deceiving religions with family thus having a hard time exercising the best option for themselves and family, the option that would make them fully restored to both Heaven and Eternal life.
If the power of all humanity is one the power of the last sick angel is one billion and the power of God is infinite. Do it yourself does not work here and with power one, the entire humanity has a bad time without asking God for help. So pray to God exercising your option to go back to Heaven and eternal life: Dear God, please force me to be saved restoring to me entrance to heaven and eternal life without pain. Please restore to salvation entire humanity and please restore Creation to a state without sin.

So Jesus came to restore humanity to both entrance to Heaven and eternal life. So where can we find where Jesus did tell people about these two important things:

JN 6:53 Jesus therefore said to them, "Most certainly I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you don't have life in yourselves.
JN 6:54 He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.
Who is speaking in the verse above? What does “Most certainly” means? Can you find above symbol of symbols as some Protestant denomination gives? How about “nothing” or “words“ as some other denominations believe? Can you eat words? When was the last time you did that?
So above indicates that in order to have eternal life you need Holy Communion. Holy Communion can be found today in Eastern Orthodox Church. The Apostles like St James, Evangelist Mark, Peter and Thomas wrote Holy Liturgies centered on giving food for eternal life to people. Unfortunately many Protestant denominations if not all renounced Holy Eucharist for eternal life replacing it with symbols, words, meal in remembrance or nothing. Last time when Eve missed the boat there were some consequences so we must be careful for all religions not giving Holy Eucharist for eternal life.
1. All religions beside Christianity don't give holy Communion for eternal life
2. Protestantism renounced Holy Communion for eternal life replacing it with symbols , words, meal in remembrance, nothing.
3.Orthodox Church gives Holy Communion like in Early Church with leavened bread and wine, as in Early Church. Who wants eternal life should come here to take it.

2.Entrance to Heaven
JN 3:5 Jesus answered, "Most certainly I tell you, unless one is born of water and spirit, he can't enter into the Kingdom of God!
Who said the above verse? What “Most certainly” means? Does it mention above about praying 5 times a day and eating only some food?
Baptism in Christianity means to be born again. So one interpretation of the above verse is that without baptism people may not enter Heaven.
If we go to a visit to the other religions beside Christianity , people are told they go to Hell:
Old Greek Religion
In Old Greek religion, people were told that after death they go to undergroung kingdom named Hades. There is not Heaven but Hell. This is a movie with what Greeks believed that will happen with them after death: [link to www.youtube.com]
Old Roman Religion
The old roman religion was speaking in the same way. People following it would go to Hades or Hell.
Judaic Religion
On Wikipedia website , at the page about word Sheol , [link to en.wikipedia.org] , it is said that people of Judaic religion , good or bad, go to Hell named Sheol or abyss. In Gospel of Nicodemus we see that Jesus found into hell the following people: Adam, Abraham, Isaiah, King David, Prophets and Patriarchs. He took them and baptised them and took them to heaven. This shows that Old Law with the 10 Laws does not have salvation power if you are not baptized. So, in order to exercise your desire to get back to heaven you need to be baptized. Best would be if you are baptized in the Church established by Jesus in year 33, Eastern Orthodox Church.
Hinduism, yoga, Buddhism, rei ki, tai ki that existed before Jesus
Eastern religions are usually sorcery and magic and by having deities these religions may be idolatry. The problem with witchcraft is that the destination after death is the worst part of Hell named Tartars that have fire. So people doing yoga, Hinduism, sorcery, tarot, coffee reading, palm reading , astrology and so on needs to confess this.
Not many people know that mantrik in Sanskrit means magician that is a very powerful sorcerer, a sorcerer with Phd. From there comes the word mantra that are exercised by these doing yoga. Hinduism has magic in his holy books and magic is the phd of sorcery so very powerful.
So, as you can not do sorcery for health , you can not do Hinduism, yoga, Buddhism , rei ki, tai ki or other Eastern religions for health.
Hindu people believe that they transform themselves probably in animals with some possibility of becoming humans. However, hindu people coming from death say that they did not reincarnate themselves but that they hjave come from Hell. For example one man said that sick angels have cut his legs from under his knees and coming back to life he showed people a sign under his knees. By choosing such a religion unfortunately some people choose a very dangerous punishment that is too much even for the worst enemy.
So, if you want to exercise your right to come back to eternal life and Heaven best answer is Eastern Orthodox Christianity.
Miracle of Holy Communion
For people that have doubts about Holy Communion , that it is the flesh and body of Jesus, in Italy, in Lanciano when it was Orthodox, on one Holy Liturgy, Holy Eucharist become true flesh and true blood. Laboratory analyzes showed flesh to be human hearth and blood to be human blood of type AB of Israelitean origin.
The movie is here: [link to www.youtube.com]
Miracle of Jordan river
On the exact place where Jesus was baptized, on Jordan river takes place a miracle. When the Eastern Orthodox Church do the celebration of baptism, Jordan river turns backward. This miracle happens for the duration of cross being in water.
Here is the movie: [link to www.youtube.com]
So in the end, don't forget to exercise the right to return to heaven and to have eternal life, and remember this life is a lot about this. You exercise your right by choosing a religion.
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 1442546
United States
06/25/2011 10:42 AM
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Re: Abc of eternal life .
More here: [link to www.monachos.net]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 16229449
United States
05/17/2012 05:48 PM
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Re: Abc of eternal life .
You know the best religion in the Universe, anyhow God knows better so please pray:
“Dear God please save me and as many people as possible and please help me and as many people as possible to find the best religion and denomination in your eyes and to move there easy and with happiness. Also please show me the truth about all religions and denominations as you see them and please do the same for as many people as possible. Please give me and to as many people as possible whatever you know we need in this life and in after life easy and with happiness. Please make best decisions for me regarding job, friends, family life and all the big decisions I am faced with so that I will be happy both in this life and in after life. Please make me make my duty on Earth in an easy and happy way and please work through me so that your objectives are accomplished and you can be proud of me. Please make this prayer helpful for me and as many people as possible. Amen.”

Story 1

A man come to a wise man describing his child:
He is very good.
Wise man put a zero down.0
He does not steal.
Wise man put another zero down. 00
He speaks nice .
Wise man put another 0 down.000
After many qualities the man said:
He is a faithful Eastern Orthodox Christian.
Then the wise man put a 1 in front of all 0's. Eastern Orthodox Christianity through Holy Communion gives people eternal life or immortality. Without life all these qualities are a small 0. With life these qualities become important.1 John 6:53 tells about eternal life and Holy Eucharist that is available today in your neighborhood. [link to www.youtube.com]

Story 2

The wise man said, listen lets say there is a math or soccer contest and you and your team have to meet a team that is 1 billion times more powerful and skillful and better than any team on Earth than any dream team on Earth. What you do knowing that if u loose, your living conditions can became worse or desperate?
I don't know said the man.
Well, what you do is to try bring in your team somebody better than adversaries all together. Once you did that, you can win. You are in the team of humanity and against the team of sick angels that stand against salvation threatening the well being in after life. Asking God to be on your side, you can put your team including those that temporally lost the battle, in an advantage and win. Pray to God to show you what to do and to be on your side.
The 1 billion+ more powerful team is watching over you. Ask God for help.

Story 3

The wise man was told by the ruler to award the “Worst decision” prize. He went across all the places and could not find any decision worthy of it.
Now the Ruler was old and almost dying.
What happens asked wise man?
I am going to a long trip?
Did you prepare for it asked the wise man?
Did you know about it?
Yes, for a long time.
Then the prize is yours.
Preparations for the long trip: 1.baptism for Heaven John 3:3, 2. Holy Communion for immortality John 6:53. 3.Try fulfilling Matthew 25:31-40. A woman while in near death found herself naked on Heaven since she did not give any clothes to needy. 4.Maybe Apostle Thomas life and Matthew 25:31-40 teaches you how to build a castle or maybe anything your hearth desire on Heaven, or afterlife.