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Message Subject USA : Civil War : 2013 .... thoughts?
Poster Handle bonsaiguy
Post Content
Just sitting here and thinkin....What a question. Wow! If America decays into a cival war, it wont end with it being a racial issue. It could possibly start out that way, you can see that something like this is being nursed and nudged along by the recient media coverage over the last several weeks. Americans, of all races and creeds will eventually wake up to what is happening to us all in the collective.We will see as citizens, as Americans, that it's our government, the NWO group that are using isolated incidents and covering them with a fervor not seen since the days of the Cold War with Russia. It's not Russia any more, it's each other. We are all our own worst enemies. The PTB are trying to divide us as a nation. Trying to sever our common bond, and in so doing, open the way for a total dictatorship, helmed by the bankers, the self appointed elite, and the big money. They want us fighting, rioting, causing a new way of life to be introduced. They want CHANGE. Have you heard that term before? They will push, and deceive, lie, twist the facts, and spread disinformation to fit their agenda. Then comes Martial Law. When it's put into place, and you are now carrying your new NATIONAL ID, traveling to where you are allowed to, buying what they let you have, people will start to wake up.Those days are coming. We gotta wake up NOW. propoganda
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