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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
Just, a single shoe lace, is such a small thing and mostly unnoticed.

When it is broken, the sudden realization, that something so small and mostly unnoticed, creates much stability, balance, mobility and velocity.

To the finer points in life, left mostly unoticed, simple, tried and true.

Have a good one, dude

Until we meet again.

 Quoting: 0 28891911

The simple things indeed, as Joe Cocker would sing.

From past threads, vis a vis the power of the meek:

In Love with the universe, be Loved in return.

Love as an expansive quality, the flower blossoms, the field expands.

In contraction densification ensues. A contracted field has less propensity to intersect and 'share' energy.

The lower the energy density the higher the permeability.

Low energy density fields are more 'open' to communion with the surroundings.

I love, and in 'that Love' my field expands. I'm open, heart exposed, heart pierced, countless flux pathways through to my center.

That vulnerability, spreading unfocused toward all, is the purest of intentions as there is no intention.

In that beauty, if not for a moment, the energy dump results in a loss of entropy.

In the gift of energy, in the loving word of information, all gain. Priceless Truth is spread to an infinite sink, while the 'quality' of systemic energy increases.

Youth maintained, through Love.

Let entropy consume the corrupted archetypes. All are corrupted.

The seduction of Nature cannot be through induction. We seduce by Loving and then walking away. We seduce through communion without anticipation. We seduce in a circular dance, of Love and Compassion.

This is how we open the flood gates to Heaven.

Power is in the subtle, in the meek.

The power of induced implosion is a wasteland of featureless information, raw energy.

Where is the subtle in the small, in the large?

Tough egg to crack to get to the subtle in the compression.
Slow tortoise moving in the quasi-infinite pulse of a galaxy.

Even slower tortoise yet, mother particle around us all.

In the still air of the night
In that quiet static of delight
A field aligns and does not bend
A whispered blessing unimpeded flows
At the speed of Right,
Homeopathy at a distance.

Surfing on the underlying current
Driven by the sea of neutrality
Taxed by lunar waves of reflection
Another fool seeks puppetmaster attention,
The subtle in the small is corrupted though all of creation.
The inner fires burn sins.

The greater mother in remnants around us
A broken shell perhaps
Yet her caress is as a slow moving tide
A gentle long lasting pat on the bottom
A nudge to keep on going...

Know the extent of bandwidth, know the extremes
Learn the long way around, shortcuts are easy.

In confusion, a brane twists and self destructs.
The resulting energy is raw and misdirected.

All suffer from higher entropy as a result.
A confused brane is random, a brain shouldn't be.

Echoes of Roderick at Random...
 Quoting: just a dude

The reason I believe this to be true is that I've been able to successfully identify myself as the center of the unified field, over and over again. I've proved it over and over. But it's only profound to ME, because of course, I am the center of my own universal mind.

I believe once everyone is able to successfully do the same, only THEN will we approach a truly universal unified field.

Anyone here been able to identify themselves at the center of Universal Mind?
 Quoting: amateur hour physics 621329

Indeed! Tough to formulate at a basic level, so many complex constructs or 'remembrances' that bias interpretation...

One man's field is another one's aura. With Prana as with ionic charge, with the Way as with the neutral, everything flows through everything else. The meekest flows through the most.

I walk, yet my structures translate through the local biofield, all the while the latter owns up to solar system bubbles and beyond... nested flows... With every step my functionality is affected, that which flows through me, nourishes and programs me.

To perceive is to know the meek (that which flows through all around it), and to know how to create a personal stasis. In that self-reflective mode, as two opposing mirrors, a clear mind blessed with transparency sees through the taint of the Self. The same Self that's paramount to universal communion, that responds to the to and fro, the push and tug of the neutrino sea.

 Quoting: just a dude

With circumcision of the Heart
Comes circumcision of the Soul

Freedom to the monad
Forever flowing grace
 Quoting: just a dude

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