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Some more Fuku doom reported by the ABC Australian coverage.....


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09/11/2012 01:18 AM

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Some more Fuku doom reported by the ABC Australian coverage.....
.. and this as evidenced by ABC news crew 24th Aug this year

[link to www.abc.net.au]

"..... Iitate village is dead, evacuated after the wind swung to the north-west in the days following the tsunami that smashed hundreds of kilometres of Tohoku coastline into oblivion...

The workers today are harvesting caesium-137, which has a half-life of 30 years. They're carefully stripping the top 50cm of soil from the abandoned field...

Our counters silently log a gamma dose of about 3.7 μSv per hour, 13 times the normal background level. Radiocaesium is found only in the wake of bomb fallout or downwind of failed nuclear reactors...

In Minamisoma, a coastal city 20 km to the north of the wrecked Fukushima complex, they're getting their park back this morning. For seventeen months kids have been unable to play outside...

At a lonely intersection gone weedy and planted with warning signs, we record 9.2 μSv/hr in the undergrowth...

the decay heat of the fission reactions begins to melt the fuel assemblies...

Continued aftershocks threaten to ignite the huge bank of spent fuel perched in Unit 4 [NO SPENT FUEL]... [lol]...

The demand of the high school teacher and hundreds of thousands of others is a simple one. The right to informed, supported evacuation: "Tell us what we are being exposed to, and if we choose to leave, support us to rebuild our lives elsewhere."...

(By now, I imagine the workers in their white overalls have moved on to another small corner of the caesium fields of Tohoku. It is burned into my mind's eye now: this endeavour of vast futility, the hopes and fears of the atomic age sealed into blue plastic piles, destination unknown, out on the edge of the dead village.

[end snips]

Senator Scott Ludlam is an Australian Greens Senator for Western Australia

Soooooo... nothing happened and all is well with school lunches irradiated given to the children????

AB in 5... 4.... 3...... etc.....

[link to www.abc.net.au]

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