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Message Subject ATTN: To EVERYONE feeling WEIRD
Poster Handle AwakenedDude
Post Content
read entire thread.

thank you.

Can anyone here offer insight into my issue described here:

Awakened to the truth that the government, my parents, teachers and everyone I have ever known has lied to me and deceived me. Either on purpose for material gain or on accident due to programming.

The above being in my opinion, is a most evil and vicious act, I have become hateful of this existence.

I hate money and government, politicians and idiot sheeple.

I hate the bs laws that protect the rich.

I hate this entire place with a passion EXCEPT when I am alone and quietly working in MY OWN interests with NO outside human influence.

Also hearing and seeing possibilities of truth in this acesnsion theory agitates me to more anger. Why was I not told this before! What game of trickery is this?

I feel my worth is lessened by my obedience to this structured jail cell of a life. WORK, TAXES, DEATH.

Being trained to be a SLAVE for the last 3 decades has made me a bitter angry person who is only happy when alone.

Something inside me is saying Fuck you World. Fuck you world. you fucking burned me over and over. Fuck you.

Please Help.

I am only happy and content when i am alone avoiding the world and all its people.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5859380

It's ignorance. hf

Ignorance is the essence of evil, but all that really is, is the lack of proper knowledge.

It's everyones' and no ones' fault.

All that's left for you to do is to forgive and release.


If you learned to control your mind you could avoid anger and increase happiness. Look to your own thoughts and start there. If you have free will you have the ability to transform your thoughts and emotions and guess what, when you do that for some reason other people treat you better. :)
 Quoting: BOWMAN

 Quoting: WindyMind

I won't post again in this thread cuz it will hijack it but,

I am screwed then.

If what you say is true then I have no chance. The thoughts that i have are as follows:

Monsanto poisoned me.

Government lied and stole from me.

Politicians lied and belittled me.

The Bankers stole my wealth.

Everyone who was ever supposed to help me instead told me to just basically forgive all these things that were done to me.

How can i let go. I can't. My moral compass says this is wrong. This world is wrong.

I continue here, please come over (as to not hijack) and throw me a couple of more thoughts.

Thread: fed up with the current BS
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5859380

Dude, your message really got to me today. Read it and see if that doesn't help a bit. I suspect (although I can't speak for everyone else) that we all have gone through this on many different levels.

I would suggest to you that these experiences you've gone through are soul lessons. Here's the good news:

Everything you just said has happened to all of us too. Yup. Everything. Because of this, I have become a MUCH better person. Almost like a caterpillar turning into a moth. If I hadn't realized all of this was happening, then I'd still be a caterpillar.

Put another way, things have to change. Everything has to change. Guess what, you are now changing too. Here's your choice: Become bitter and retreat into the dark... or look at these soul lessons as an opportunity for growth, forgive, understand why they did what they did, and move into the light.

People do "evil" things because they are so very trapped by their EGO. They have lost all connection to God / Source / [Insert Universal Creator here]. You haven't. See the difference? They don't know it's wrong (or don't care, same difference really), but you do!

I call that an amazing gift! Let's pool our collective consciences together and bring these people around. My guess is that they've never known love. When I see all of the riots and protests happening ALL OVER THE WORLD, I can see that that is exactly what is happening. The world is pretty much saying "Hey man, you are wrong! Wake up! We're not gonna take this any more!"

Love breeds love.
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