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Message Subject Oh Mr Darwin..... why didn't all animals go extinct during the millions years it took evolution to NON-intelligently design umbilical cords?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
you might consider that your soul represents a sort of organized energy created by God and in order for that energy to become eternal it must harmonize with God...

this is why Jesus said the most important law is to love God and each other... new age often leaves out or recreates the "God" part... for a reason...

anything that can cause separation from God will distort your spirit energy and if it is distorted enough it will be of no use to God...

these may be oversimplifications of quite profound and complex ideas, but this is not important for us in this reality... it is God's design that it be simple and easy to understand... you cut an apple open and see a five-pointed star--this geometry takes many more complicated forms, but we can deduce many things from this basic geometric shape--this is why it is found everywhere in nature, the militaries of the world and in the occult--the five-pointed star is used to access the supernatural...

it seems likely that we are relatively simple-minded and unable to grasp the most profound aspects of creation...
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