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Message Subject Pope Warns of Doomsday, 21 December 2012? Is there doom around the corner they are planning or something to this date afterall?
Poster Handle Frater
Post Content
I dunno,

I want to believe the Pope and initially i'm catholic but have moved on.

I'm still Catholic a bit but have become eclectic, anyone could call me just about anything from mason to kabbalist and wouldnt be far off the mark. I do not deny that I seek and want to learn and know. Is that wrong? No, no it's not :)

I'm a good boy and have to follow my heart, to do otherwise would be a sin.

Follow your heart, wherever that takes you and God bless you.

I do believe something is up! I don't know exactly what but change is in the winds...

I can sense it, something is really going to happen now...

I don't know what but when the time comes, that's when I get tapped and i will do my best to be His right hand...

Best Wishes,

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