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Message Subject So It Begins: Turkey Warns Greece Against Oil Exploration In The Aegean, Turkish experts accuse Greece of illegally snatching 16 islands
Poster Handle ASV
Post Content
Erdogan seems to overthrowed kemalist remnants in government,but they are no better than kemalists...I passionately hate both kemalists and islamists since they are all authoritarian fascists.To be honest ,kemalist regime was the most bloodthirsty fascist regime by far.

Some of you think turkey would attack israel but its not likely because turkey was created by crypto-jews(donmehs) and they are still in power, nearly all rich people in turkey are consisted by them.They appear to be muslims but one can understand that they are crypto-jews by their names/surnames and their kemalist,ultra nationalist,elitist approach.

Those crypto-jews infiltrated power structre of Ottoman Empire in 19th century and caused its demise. Sabbatean jews from Thessaloniki (ataturk was one of them) and other jews from balkans formed a political party called Ittihat ve Terakki...They were populist and used every kind of propaganda to get in power...They pacified sultan by a coup d'etat (Raid of Bab-i Ali). They forced Ottoman Empire to join WW1 by the side of Germany therefore caused fragmentation of Ottoman lands and creation of Turkey(also israel).

Crypto-jew regime were also responsible for Armenian genocide.They wanted a homogenous anatolia,also Armenians were mostly rich people and they wanted their riches.So they exiled and exterminated them.They even released criminals from jails to harass exiled armenians on the road.Yakub Cemil enlisted most dangerous criminals from the Prison of Sinop for that job.

Those sabbatean jews wrote the official ideology,history and propaganda of Turkey.Moiz Kohen-later changed his name to Munis Tekin Alp- created kemalist ideology.They created Turkish ultranationalism.They forcibly tried to assimilate different folks of anatolia.Those who didnt comply and didnt accept new made-up turkish identity and authoritarian government got exterminated(Massacre of Zaza tribes in Dersim,current oppression of Kurds)

There are still secret masonic ultranationalist/authoritarian/statist organizations within government...They organized many military coups and are responsible of missing and murder of many individuals.Turkish Armed forces are still under jewish control.
For example former General Basbug(currently jailed) in Israel :

[link to 2.bp.blogspot.com]

I hope the day will come when anatolia will be cleansed of those vermins and people of anatolia will regain their freedom.We need a revolution asap but %99 of people here are too brainwashed to realize that.I pity them they dont know the myths they learnt by official education are nothing but lies.They dont know who they truly are and dont know the dark past of their state.
 Quoting: Anatolian 31753869

Thanks for great and very informative post Anatolian. All the best. cheers
 Quoting: insertfunnyusername

Ah but of course! It's all the Ebbvl Juice fault - why didn't I think of that, it makes perfect sense????!!!

-Killed Christ? Juice. Juice-on-Juice violence, in fact!
-Turn matza back into babies' blood? Zionist Juice.
-Plant irresistable homosexual urges into Muslim heads? Juice.
-Secretly re-write Shakespeare's comedies into tragedies? Juices!
-Remote-controlled Turks into genociding Armenians? Ebbyl Juice.
-Unceremoniously steal Hanan Ashrawi's/Catharine Ashton's penis? Juice!
-Fake Holocaust? Double-secret Juices!
-Money, money, money - all about money McMoney? Juice-money.
-Movies, media, banks? See: above.
-Made Steve Guttenberg a star? Stonecutters.

Leave anything out?
 Quoting: Ashton's succulent Volvo 28551212

Go away shill.What are you?Advocate of jews? why in every thread when someone point out jewish infiltration you show up and mock people? What i wrote are facts i can back up.So shut up shill.
Who Were The Jewish Young Turks?

[link to www.realjewnews.com]

For more about Jewish genocide of Armenians

[link to jewishracism.blogspot.com]

[link to rense.com]
When Kemal Ataturk Recited Shema Yisrael: `It's My Secret Prayer, Too,'. He Confessed

[link to wakeupfromyourslumber.com]



 Quoting: Anatolian 31753869

What, nothing from MuslimRuleInfidelDrool.allahAkbar.net? Or from StormFront? Not even Veterans Today?

Dang, the 'Ebbyl Juices Whose Name Can't be Mentioned Except When Begging for a Loan'... must have done really good job destroying all evidence, scubbing all records & brain-washing History into keeping her filthy, pro-Zionist mouth shut.

I knew it, "Anatolian Turk", you are a ZOG psy-op agent, too -- because by pretending to be a mega-retard who uses hilarious, long-discredited, borderline nonsensical links...by purporting to represent real Turks, you are obviously trying to discredit & ridicule our movement to rid world of those elusive crypto-double-secret-shapeshiters for good!

Nice try, but your pretend-idiocy will NOT work. We know the truth about Ebbyl Juices and their mega-retarded pseudo-Turkish enoblers, collaborators, sympathizers, sychophants & lackeys like you.

Allahu Zieg-Heil, TurkeyStrong Armenia is littlep-sissies, forever whoo-hooo!!!!
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