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Message Subject NRA: Congress will not pass weapons ban
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Don't listen to that bullshit for one second!

They said the same shit about Obamacare...

They always put out some kind of smoke screen to settle people down before they FUCK THEM..

Seen them do it a thousand times..
 Quoting: ^TrInItY^


They'll post a few "unbiased" polls claiming "most Americans want a ban" and the rest of the sheep will follow.

A lot of politicians will come out supporting one side or the other to give it that democratic flavor and then ALL off them will vote FOR it at the last minute.

There will be MANY news stories quoting "reliable sources" regarding the righteous indignation of the nonspeaking victims around the world. Minus the "insurgancy" stats of course.

False Flags can and are often political in nature. They are not restricted to tragic event scenarios.

Good luck with that...

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