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My first experience of sleep paralysis

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 17534438
United States
03/10/2013 04:30 PM
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My first experience of sleep paralysis
A few months ago my friends were telling me about their occasional experiences with sleep paralysis. Having never heard of the phenomenon, I researched it and spoke to people who suffer from it time to time. I've never experienced it until last night.

I was away with friends in a hotel in the Catskills this past weekend and had a room to myself. I remember dozing off and having very vivid dreams almost immediately after falling asleep. The dreams felt very real and lucid. It was almost as if I was aware cognitively that I was dreaming and laying there in bed.

After a while, the visions in my dream turned to all black, and I felt as if I was just lying there with my eyes open in the very dark room I was in. I went to move but realized I couldn't. I remember immediately thinking holy shit, this is what sleep paralysis feels like! Again I was completely aware and awake throughout this. I tried several times to move but failed. After a minute or so I consciously decided I was done experiencing this, so I remember in my head rebuking the evil presence (if there was one) in the room in the name of jesus and immediately I got up to move and I moved!!

So crazy how the universe works... I've never heard or experienced sleep paralysis before, and only a few months since its been brought to my consciousness it happens to me!!

It was a crazy experience. Not scary in the least bit becsuse of my awareness and control over it, but was it an evil spirit? I felt something was in the room after the event, and I kept seeing white orbs flashing snd wizzing by in the room. Also it seemed like energy was either passing through my head or being withdrawn from it.

I was completely sober this whole weekend. Has anyone else experienced sleep paralysis. I find it to be an interesting phenomenon
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 29068101
03/10/2013 04:46 PM
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Re: My first experience of sleep paralysis
I have frequent sleep paralysis, evil spirit I confirm, now I m used I think about Jesus and it stopped immediatly.

The worst I have experienced, it was tuesday 14th of Jun 2011:

I was awake it was 8:30AM and suddenly I couldn't control my mind, I though about grey aliens taking my daughter in here bed, immediatly I was paralysed and couldn't scream nor talk to wake up my wife, I took control over my mind and I said "Yahweh will kill you!" it stopped immediatly, then I cried and was scared.

Since then I am convinced that grey aliens are demons, both physical and spiritual beings, and I have a phobia of them.