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Message Subject The Book Of Enoch
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What is the mystery with BLOOD????? I hate the thought of my Lord having to BLEED and suffer for ME. I don't understand what BLOOD has to do with salvation. I don't understand the concept of why BLOOD had to be used in sacrifices at all!!!

Many ancient cultures believed a sacrifice needed be made for the atonement of "sin". This was an overwelmingly believed upon mythology of the ancient hebrew peoples. Before animal scarifice was the scarifice of the "first born" in the hebrew tradition. This is latter changed to an offering and animal scarifice.

Thus the tradition is set up that the "first born" must be scarificed for the sins of the family. Even know it had been replaced with the Alter offering and animal scarifice for atonement, the understanding was still engraved upon the psychie of mankind.

It was even more engraved upon the psychie of mankind by the introduction of several other mythologies along the same lines stemming up out of the greek beliefs.

Understanding this is key to understanding what comes next. It was because of these mythological set-ups that made the physical death, the "scarifice of God's First Born" that event that would rocket the name of Jesus across the Globe in just the very short time of 2000 years.

Yes.... but HOW does that guarantee our immortality? Just because ignorant peasants believed it, doesn't make it so.

There must be something else going on.
 Quoting: No I Didn't !!

That's how the whore got so many kids...she convinced various people to give their children to her.

and they did that.
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