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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Chaol
Post Content
Hi Chaol, teachers and class,

Can a person by a symbol, used with the Genius?


 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 918001

*be a symbol!

Can a person be a symbol, used with the Genius?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 918001

Not when used with the Genius*. Too much pre-extant meaning.

*more advanced uses, perhaps. But we're still on the basics.
 Quoting: Chaol

Okay, understood.

So... Can a sound be a symbol? A word?

I'm not trying to ask silly questions, haha, I'm just finding it challenging to "create" a new symbol that does not have *any* prior meaning attached to it.

For example, the key idea. I will all ways still have an existing relationship with said key... It is antique? Then it's like a prop I once used, which has loads of meaning attached. Is it plain and modern? Well, it reminds me of my house key. And on and on, for every variation of a key I could see or use, there is at least some meaning all ready there. Because "key" is all ready in my perspective.

If I wrap the key in gold wire or tape, it does not become something "new" so much as two existing things now blended/bonded together. (And it will probably remind me of a shoddy craft project, which is instantly "Girl Scouts" or "tacky".)

So, I am looking for a way of introducing a new symbol into my perspective. Words that I don't know can possibly work... Like Hiksahh or Olo. These are just words that I made up, that are blank slates. How do I make a physical symbol from these?

Maybe my understanding of creating a new symbol is off? Any clarity appreciated.

Despite this confusion over creating a new symbol, I do know I've had success using the Genius. But in each case, I have just decided that the new meaning assigned to my symbol is the only meaning. Wiped and re-programmed, so to speak. (Even though you have advised against this. I decided to do it any way ;P)

This is what has led me to think about how some "things" might be symbols (like people or sounds or arts or intersections of beams in my home). In fact, I am beginning to believe that every thing (including thought, including me) is a symbol, interacting, logically, in "space".

Also, on a slightly different trajectory, is it possible to use an existing meaning to draw that desired experience in? If I obtained a key to a room at the Bellagio and used that as my symbol, would that not poke a hole into my perspective to where that key would need a slot to fit into? And then presto! Before long I will find myself in Vegas. Perhaps not the best example, but I'm trying to keep it simple in the hopes of understanding. If I somehow got my hands on keys to a Ferrari on ebay or something, would the car to match show up?

Thanks, as usual :)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 918001

An advanced use of Ecsys but, yes, a sound can post as your representation. But what would your potential energy element be?

I can only recommend the use of symbols that you can touch.

An old key is fine if you change the nature of the key. If I wrap the key in gold wire or tape, it adopts a new value in your perspective.

It does not matter if you don't know what that value is. You're unlikely to know even the value of your left eyebrow. But it's still an important part of your perspective, and functional.

Yes.. the Genius is all around you. You are using it without knowing it. But here we are learning how to use it consciously.

In your Bellagio key example, you are assuming that you know how to get to Vegas. But your "sub-conscious" may not agree with your forced values.

In a way you are starting with an intention in mind and just 'letting' your sub-conscious make a new symbol for you. Big difference.

hope this helps!
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