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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Unit3
Post Content
I'm on the right track! Was hoping I wouldn't have got the message wrong along the line and messed my lovely model up big time. But nope, my model is working and I am on track. Woo bloody hoo! Sorry, just so excited! Still need further clarifications regarding use of space for other symbols I'll be creating. I want to get into the habit of creating at least one a week. Use of space as possibility can speed up the process if used effectively. So ideas on space/possibilities are welcome. Challenge: ON.

Also my Ec string was practically for validated too! Is it my birthday today? Lol

I have already used the Neuronics and have seen it work for me in ways that Chaol's validation should be unnecessary but I'm still quite chuffed (as we say over here) and happy that I can carry on building on my knowledge from this foundation.
*Singing 90's hit "Things can only get better!!!!!"*

Unit3, the experience we want to perceive is what determines the input and outputs. Like in my tooth extraction example, I knew I had to have a tooth extraction so I wasn't trying to perceive me not being there. That was a given lol
So I took if from there.
Tooth gets extracted by doctors, everything goes swimmingly and I get better.
I broke these into parts that would fit EC neuricons and searched for their icons. So for example: the dentist would definitely do some serious work on my teeth since it's an extraction. This is high interaction in my own thinking and the whole point of the visit to the dentist, so we I say high interaction.
At the end of it all, all I know is due to this high interaction, my teeth problems are going to go away and my teeth will get better. To my own thinking that is an output on high logic. So the SUMI icon was derived that way from this method.
I use SUMI in other strings I've made. It's one of my more commonly used ones.
I drew the icons on a piece of paper and stuck the bit of paper on the back of my phone. I look at it and say the string out loud and I'm good to go!
I've now progressed to taking a picture of any string I'm making use of on my phone and storing it as my lock screen. This is a very good reminder for me. Much better than sticking a bit of paper on my phone.

Hope this has helped because a lot of people on this thread have helped me a lot and I'd love to repay the kindness
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27068324

Awwww, thank you. That's what is so great about everyone in this thread. We all want it for each other too! hf

So with the string, you only need to break it down, determine the parts which will help determine output/input, (but I still don't get how the output or the input is determined) find the icon and then speak it or look at it throughout the day?
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