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Seer777's Karma

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11/1/2012Thanks:) -AR
11/1/2012Blue Skies was here :)
10/31/2012Thankyou for your wonderful pictures - truly inspiring x abbe normal
10/27/2012Bells of truth flowing in the wind~DH:)
10/25/2012Much love :) Bea
10/25/2012A Friend
10/23/2012From one to another ~ CC
10/22/2012Green from Blue
10/21/2012For love and truth, 141
10/21/2012Shut up, hypocrite!
10/18/2012Fo stopping by ~ Light under the door
10/17/2012Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the divine Om ..11:11..
10/16/2012I need to pull up my socks and listen O :)
10/16/2012You are annoying
10/16/2012Person445: AKA Russell Scott - THANKS FOR POSTING!
10/15/2012Aloha seer- from seer
10/14/2012Karma hugs :) Love Angels
10/11/2012Quake input... TheTruthWorker
10/11/2012Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Too Dark Park
10/11/2012Your poor judgment of others has landed you in the shit on more than one occasion. Keep exposing yourself hypocrite!
10/9/2012Yes gonviral
10/9/2012New Age deceiver -- up to your old tricks again
10/9/2012Good morning! Sun is shining bright! ~1908247
10/9/2012A Friend
10/9/2012<4 - HimessiH
10/8/2012Luv you, SS
10/8/2012Love to You Seer777 - Dancesxx
10/8/2012Thank you Seer, you are so nice :)
10/7/20126scent wuz here
10/7/2012<3 As always - your posts are heart warming - Thank you - Prophet.
10/5/2012For love, 141
10/5/2012From Uncle Mikey!
10/4/2012Not so illuminated now, huh? HA HA HA
10/4/2012Thanks for the thoth info. much love.. LP
10/4/2012Karma hugs :) Love Angels
10/2/2012Koelbren ;)
10/1/2012Zoom, zoom, zoom! May Love and Light fill your heart! ..11:11..
9/28/2012Great picture
9/27/2012Michael was here
9/23/2012Seer bump! - Borian
9/20/2012From Uncle Mikey!
9/20/2012Thank you for sharing your gratefull heart to all living things
9/20/2012Haha yes its like an octopus. Lots of inspiration from you :) Sloane
9/20/2012That is what WE give to the Earth. -) - jad
9/19/2012Love you Seer :) Love Angels
9/19/2012Cosmic S <3
9/18/2012Why do you post such sexy illustations? -Blaze
9/18/2012Spread love :)
9/16/2012Imagine a flower I give to you my love
9/16/2012You are sitting on shit ~~ with love
9/14/2012Aloha: Revguard
9/14/2012Indeed... - Borian :)
9/13/2012I Love you... From Uncle Mikey! Wow!!!
9/13/2012Advocates racial violence against white people thru justication of black crime.
9/13/2012"BE the CHANGE you wish to SEE in the World." ~Gandhi / For that and the post. -AtsuiPanda
9/11/2012Love to You Seer777 - Dances xxx
9/11/2012Because of love, 141
9/11/2012Positive energy from Lady Jane Smith
9/11/2012Fancy wuz here!
9/10/2012For the karma the other day now we're even -Blaze
9/6/2012Always great to bump into you... -Borian
9/6/2012Much love! ..11:11..
9/6/2012Luv ya! S0S
9/6/2012Keep on truckin'--D
9/6/2012Kiss kiss kiss
9/4/2012Howdy Seer777...much Love from Marty en-eng`ko
9/2/2012Postitive post! positive karma gonviral
9/2/2012Thank you for your kind words. I feel awake for the first time because of this experience. Thank you. -Prophet.
9/1/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
8/30/2012Much Love Seer-Ray
8/29/2012Love your vids and pics-Fancy
8/29/2012A friend stopping by! 1908247
8/29/2012Here comes the seer and says: womens like to be on top
8/28/2012The Truth in the Beautiful can be appreciated by ALL. ... And you my friend are very beautiful as well
8/28/2012Smiles from Lady Jane Smith
8/28/2012For Spirit Science! ~Dai
8/28/2012Always a pleasure my friend. Manu :)
8/27/2012FROM Clappaguy! Take care!
8/26/2012From Apollo
8/24/2012When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. Much love from ..11:11..
8/24/2012For being who you are, for love and grattitude, 141
8/24/2012You have a hard time with reality dont yah
8/22/2012Some love for you! ~Christine~
8/21/2012From Uncle Mikey!
8/19/2012Nice picture.. please let me steal it? White Light
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