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5/26/2013Best information -SteamrolledGobias
5/26/2013Have a great Memorial Day Seer :) Love Spirit666
5/26/2013Aloha from seer
5/20/2013For your post in the Oklahoma thread. You are one of the few good ones. -Lady Bathory
5/19/2013Happy belated birthday!! :) ~naga
5/19/2013Awesome post on the Death (XIII) card! --AR
5/17/2013Birthday green! Vic-chick13
5/16/2013Hello have a great night Seer :) Love Spirit666
5/16/2013Someone needs to visit their happy place ;) Hang in there, rough sees eventually calm.
5/15/2013For awesome seahorse pic baaaa
5/11/2013C ... come speak with me , i seek no wars, miss ya , lets sort out this mess
5/7/2013Dropping off Some Green for a lovely woman. <3 Fringe
5/3/2013Love your posts Seer. Kinect
5/1/2013I don't spread the word of my abilities but it was nice to post it here - gypsy
5/1/2013Your karma hit me hard...thank you for everything...I know I don't say it nearly as much as I should (((hugs))) Love Spirit666
4/30/2013HI ~ A Friend
4/28/2013Smiles 2U of love from the heart and may sunshine warm you. ..11:11..
4/28/2013Fuck the thought police!
4/28/2013Karma from gonviral
4/26/2013Its time
4/25/2013You crossed my mind~einsteinsfly
4/25/2013Kim snickers pic lol'd big time :)
4/25/2013Thanks babe ~Perseus
4/23/2013C o (-) i n -- (:
4/23/2013Sept man
4/21/2013Thank you seer. -Blaze
4/18/2013Pieceful pi ;P
4/17/2013Hello ~ A Friend
4/17/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/16/2013Blitz thanks you for the good vibes!
4/16/2013You have no soul its gone bye bye never to be found again this is why you feel so empty
4/15/2013Have a good evening
4/15/2013The key to change... is to let go of fear and replace it with unconditional love and you win. Much love! ..11:11..
4/15/2013Red for you troll stay off my thread!
4/14/2013Much gratitude for your Father, sending him some good karma too ;-)
4/10/2013Septenary Man luvs you
4/9/2013Great post ...Karma from gonviral
4/9/2013Me thinks you are a candidate for the short bus
4/8/2013Rev StarGazer
4/7/2013Nice anotherone
4/5/2013You're a great soul :PPP
4/3/2013Peaceful pi ;P
4/3/2013Because your kind
4/3/2013Humpday driveby karma :bananasex:
4/2/2013Its no wonder why you suffer so much. Full of fake shit You are.
3/31/2013Oh for fucks sake...iv is a dillhole and you are too!
3/30/2013You smell like poo
3/30/2013BAM +1 happens
3/29/2013<3 thank you
3/28/2013It's amazing the emotions your images trigger. Thank you! Sloane
3/28/2013Gg by 4 !
3/23/2013For your positive outlook on life ~ OYE
3/21/2013Hello ~ A Friend
3/15/2013Ha! you got me. :) calx
3/15/2013You're one cool tomato ;)
3/14/2013Get over yourself already
3/14/2013X Marks the Spot
3/14/2013Roerich?.. did he have the stone?
3/13/2013Truth anotherone
3/9/2013Peace be with your spirit! -The Sonic Dreamer
3/5/2013Whenever you are confronted with an opponent. Conquer with love and you will always win.. ..11:11..
3/3/2013There's a whole lot of noise in between truth nuggets
3/3/2013Who's awesome? You're awesome :D
3/2/2013Valuable insight
3/2/2013Hi. <3 Firefly
2/28/2013Hello ~ A Friend
2/28/2013Hello Seer7s',Just sending some Green Luvin' your direction,I like your Smilies by the way : ) - 'Cesium.
2/27/2013Nibiru through-out history.... awesome research, Seer!! thank you!! :) -ladyannie
2/25/2013The task at hand is to overcome thwe Beast within....Love Marty
2/25/2013Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, one cannot live without a spiritual life. Much love! ..11:11..
2/25/2013Rippling ahead and after ~NAE
2/23/2013Saturday Special karma from Bowman. : )
2/22/2013From Uncle Mikey... For Old Times Sake
2/20/2013Hello ~ A Friend
2/20/20132. 77777
2/19/2013Very kind human..lol
2/18/2013Green drive-by - luv - Septenary Man
2/17/2013Billy stopped by :)
2/17/2013Love ya Seer TT 0; )
2/15/2013Love, Love, Love. Thats All This World Needs. ..11:11..
2/14/2013Happy Valentines Day! ;P
2/13/2013Thanks Seer. Much love. May good fortune be with you. May you're guiding light be strong. -Blaze
2/11/2013Likes to live in fantasy land
2/10/2013Deaf kitteh <3
2/6/2013<3 Kinect
2/3/2013Piece of pi ;P
2/3/2013Let The Sunshine in! Much love! ..11:11..
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