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Seer777's Karma

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12/31/2012Sweetness by the sea, cheers - jad
12/31/2012Beautiful lion photo and buterfly! Much love! ..11:11..
12/30/2012For the best of new years to come. Sloane
12/30/2012HAPPY NEW YEAR Goneviral
12/30/2012One drop
12/29/2012With love and appreciation, 141
12/29/2012A Friend
12/28/2012Elephant lotion
12/28/2012You ARE spooky
12/28/2012For the strength in your eternal postive energy. thanks, morgan
12/28/2012Hi! Frater
12/27/2012Hope you have a HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!! :)- ~Christine~
12/27/2012Karma hugs - Blue Skies
12/26/2012Green: Rev
12/26/2012Merry xmas! a little late though /Michael
12/26/2012Synergy :)
12/24/2012Well the Karma goes where it'll go...
12/24/2012Spirit science ftw
12/24/2012Happy Holidays :), CSberry <3
12/22/2012Peace & joy ( :D)
12/22/2012Merry Chirstmas Seer777..been missing you lately...my2centswort​h
12/19/2012Good spirit - overwhatshername
12/18/2012Karma hugs - Blue Skies
12/17/2012Some greeny, Rain-Man ..
12/16/2012Have yourself a merry little Christmas - Dease
12/15/2012Evil bitch
12/13/2012Michael was here
12/10/2012Thread hijacker
12/8/2012Sending you some love - Blue Skies
12/7/2012Thank you for taking care of our Animal friends! From Agent_P
12/7/2012Animals have souls... -DILKe
12/7/2012The sooner Man realizes how deeply animals DO feel, is the sooner we recognize our true place on this Planet
12/4/2012Fluttering by to leave some Love ~~~ <3 The U~ni~verse cares deeply about you :) Fringe
12/4/2012Ty!!! J-honey
12/4/2012Aloha - Dease
12/3/2012Seer you always have a wonderful way with words.-Rochelle
12/3/2012UR the Love you seek ..11:11..
11/29/2012Much love, Bea :)
11/29/2012Karma hugs - Blue Skies
11/27/2012For being a shill
11/27/2012Parrot brain
11/27/2012Miss talking to you....Marty gd2balive : )
11/26/2012Cool birds pic
11/23/2012Likes the way I think :)
11/21/2012The Time is: ..11:11..
11/19/2012Aloha- seer
11/19/2012Cheers* dapurps
11/17/2012Just because. - Borian
11/17/2012Green hug from tauranga xx
11/15/2012Much Love from Billy
11/15/2012RATM yay! :) /Michael
11/13/2012A fan of ur insights and pics :) Straw! <3
11/13/2012Full spectrum and beyond
11/12/2012Much love my friend Seer777 ..11:11.. Be well!
11/10/2012For love and appreciation, Lars
11/10/2012Have a good weekend Seer...thank you for all you do on here honey :) Love Angels
11/10/20121947 (:
11/9/2012Good advice in 'Small Problem' thread - ANHEDONIC
11/9/2012Flowers from Shoot Straight Johnny
11/9/2012A Friend ~ Thanks
11/9/2012Elephants made me do it
11/9/2012For your uncommon wisdom....waterbug
11/8/2012From one seeker to another ~CC
11/8/2012Aloha- seer
11/6/2012Painting listening was never somthing I could master when doing art. Captured it perfectly. Love you for more than the art - Borian
11/6/2012Much love! Bea Nameless :)
11/5/2012Good request - Chrit
11/5/2012Kewl av
11/5/2012From Runaway. Surviving :)
11/2/2012From Uncle Mikey!
11/2/2012Thank you for your mssage…. robbiew
11/2/2012Back at ya! Marax
11/2/2012A Friend
11/1/2012Hi there Seer (:
11/1/2012Thanks:) -AR
11/1/2012Blue Skies was here :)
10/31/2012Thankyou for your wonderful pictures - truly inspiring x abbe normal
10/27/2012Bells of truth flowing in the wind~DH:)
10/25/2012Much love :) Bea
10/25/2012A Friend
10/23/2012From one to another ~ CC
10/22/2012Green from Blue
10/21/2012For love and truth, 141
10/21/2012Shut up, hypocrite!
10/18/2012Fo stopping by ~ Light under the door
10/17/2012Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the divine Om ..11:11..
10/16/2012I need to pull up my socks and listen O :)
10/16/2012You are annoying
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