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Gulf Gusher Made Me Sick

Licking My Wounds
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United States
06/15/2010 05:42 PM
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Gulf Gusher Made Me Sick
I am an avid writer but because of the gooey stuff in my lungs and brain, I have not been able to focus on an important writing project I am working on. I live just a block or so from the water on the Gulf in Texas and while this seems an unlikely place to be affected because of typical prevailing winds, on the morning when I woke up with a sore throat and burning eyes, there was a very strong wind coming from the East. I traveled 300 miles inland and kept smelling a faint smell of motor oil on the trip. I have been away from the Gulf for 5 days now and a burning in my chest, sometimes heavy cough while having a muddled brain are still a part of my daily existence.

It is hard for me to write complete thought so I am spending my time looking at what has made me ill. I am not in the fear mongering crowd. I want things to be alright and I still do. I am concerned that the oil and gasses that evaporate made me sick but more, if it is picked up from the Gulf and dropped inland, this problem in the Gulf may escalate quickly and become a problem for those who are hundreds of miles inland. Below is just one of hundreds of reports of oil and other toxins in the air or in the form of rain that are allegedly killing crops and making people sick.

[link to beforeitsnews.com]

"Is It Raining Oil in Florida? This is Just the Beginning

© Sean Gardner/EPA
The Greenpeace senior campaigner Lindsey Allen walks through a patch of oil from the Deepwater Horizon on the breakwater in the mouth of the Mississippi river where it meets the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana
(SOTT.net) As early as May 9 it was announced that FEMA evacuation protocol for forest fires in and around Tampa, Florida could be activated at a moment's notice in the event of the oil slick approaching Florida's coastline. One proposal is to undergo a 'controlled burn' of surface oil in the Gulf to prevent the oil reaching Florida's coast. This would result in highly toxic fumes blowing ashore. In fact, toxic fumes have already been reported elsewhere as Gulf residents complain of breathing difficulties and nausea:

Oil is semi-volatile, which means that it can evaporate into the air and create a heavy vapor that stays near the ground -- in the human breathing zone. When winds whip up oily sea water, the spray contains tiny droplets -- basically a fume -- of oil, which are small enough to be inhaled deep into the lungs. We know that's happening in the Gulf Coast, because people are reporting a heavy oily smell in the air. Already my colleagues in Louisiana are reporting that people in the coastal community of Venice, Louisiana are suffering from nausea, vomiting, headaches, and difficulty breathing.
The following eyewitness account came to our attention yesterday:

Hi all,

Making this quick, don't feel well. About 4:15pm or so eastern, coming back from Tampa, Florida north on Veteran's Expressway...about 7 miles perhaps from SR 54...it sprinkled some gray watery and solid black oil on my car. Thought it was bugs, but so fast did not make sense and windshield wipers just smeared it. Got out of car at store and looked on the paint and solid black dots on my car...I touch? huh? it's wet? it's OIL!!!!!

I had several folks verify it before I sprayed it off and it came off easier than the few love bugs. Two hours later still wet like OIL! nope, not water, smell it, OIL!!!"

Look at this NOAA chart and it is easy to see how the evaporation in the Gulf can quickly turn to a health crisis or damage crops inland.

[link to www.ssd.noaa.gov]

Millions of fish, birds, shellfish, plankton and aquatic plantlife in the the affected areas is very disturbing and maybe it is the death nail for the livlihoods of those who make their livlihood from the Gulf but the environmental consequences of British Petroleum's greed and cost cutting measures may be causing something man can not finish. The water temperature in the Gulf increasing by just one or two degrees can make a Category 3 hurricane turn quickly into a Category 5 hurricane. I am certain that the oil in the Gulf is causing some unusual heating that will make the gulf very vulnerable throughout the Hurricane Season.

If you or someone you know is searching for alternatives to mainstream medicine for relieving or curing health conditions related to the British Petroleum Oil Gusher or you can help others who are being exposed to potentially deadly toxins that are now just spreading in the coastal areas, please leave a message and perhaps we can help each other if this things starts impacting more than just a few of us.