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Reality is Programmed

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03/10/2013 04:49 AM

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Reality is Programmed
Some evidence:

There are a number of similarities between John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln:
- Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846, while Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.
- Lincoln was elected President in 1860, while Kennedy was elected President in 1960.
- Both Presidents were concerned with Civil Rights.
- When Lincoln became president in 1861, one of the persons that worried about his safety was John Kennedy, Superintendent of Police in New York. When Kennedy became president in 1961, one of the persons that worried about his safety was Evelyn Lincoln, his personal secretary.
- Both presidents were shot in the back of the head in the presence of their wife.
- Lincoln was shot in the Ford Theatre while Kennedy was shot in a Lincoln made by Ford.
- They were both shot on a Friday.
- The assassins of Lincoln and Kennedy, John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald, were both known by three names, comprised of fifteen letters.
- Both assassins were killed and not brought to trial.
- Lincoln's successor was Andrew Johnson, born in 1808, while Kennedy's successor was Lyndon Johnson, born in 1908.

The Lincoln-Kennedy urban legend caught the attention of debunkers. A number of false claims have been circulating, while most coincidences do not seem to be exceptional. The list above is stripped of items that are either false or seem insignificant. It eluded the debunkers that a series of not so remarkable coincidences are more remarkable when they are taken together. But there is more. A few months before John Wilkes Booth murdered President Licoln, the President’s son, Robert Todd Lincoln was rescued by the actor Edwin Booth, the brother of John Wilkes. Furthermore, Robert Todd Lincoln was present at the assassination of President Garfield in 1881 and the assassination of President McKinley in 1901.

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