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Subject Calling all christians--- help me before I loose faith!!
Poster Handle teacup
Post Content
I'm not religious to start with, but I do believe in God and Jesus. But this little situation... it has really hit home hard. Please rationalize it. Tell me how God does care!!

I'm a nurse. Today I meet a new patient, a sweet little old lady. I have to change the bandages on her feet. It causes her terrible pain and despite the morphine she is still moaning and groaning. But she never calls out or swears. She lets me do the job.

Well she had one black set of toes, some looked about ready to fall off. The other foot had 4 toes amputated, leaving an unlikely to heal gaping wound, ringed by black skin, filled with puss, visible bone, and a putrid smell of rotting flesh.

After I was done I notice a cross hanging above her head, and by the cross a little picture of Jesus with the word 'mercy'. But there was no mercy to be found. :(
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