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Subject First steps down the road to a return to the Constitutional Republic that we were intended to be.
Poster Handle Anonymous Cowherder
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There are two key pieces of legislation that need to be repealed in order to begin righting the ship and without them being repealed there is no hope in ever changing course.

The first is the 17th Amendment. We have not had a Congress in this nation since 1913, well, at least not in the way the framer's intended with two sides being represented; the people in the House of Representatives and the States in the Senate. With the adoption of the 17th Amendment, both chambers now represent only one side, the people. The States had their voices silenced and their claws removed, leading us down this dark path of ultimate federal control. The selection of Senators needs to be returned to the legislatures of the many States to restore the balance of power in Congress.

The second is the Reapportionment Act of 1929. This set the number of Representatives in the House at the current number of 435. The Constitution says that the representation "shall not exceed one for every thirty Thousand" (emphasis mine) residents but with the passage of the Reapportionment Act of 1929, representation is now closer to one per 713,000. That number needs to be closer to the one per 30,000 number stated in the Constitution than to the number it is now. 1 per 30,000 would have a House numbering in the 10,000 member range, quite a large number but with email and video teleconferencing it should not be unmanageable/infeasible.

Repeal of these two articles would set the congress back to what it was meant to be and increase local accountability of our Representatives and Senators. Once accountability is restored in Congress, then and only then will the other two branches have no choice but to abide by the restraints on their power as set forth in the Constitution.

After that it'll be time to roll up our sleeves and get to work dismantling this house of cards that the progressives have been building since Teddy Roosevelt was in office; starting with the Fed and the 16th Amendment and working out from there.


I posted that on another thread but wanted to reach a broader audience as many people are unaware of how Progressives "fundamentally transformed" Congress in 1910s-1920s with the passage of the Reapportionment Act of 1929 and the 17th Amendment. We have not been living under the governmental structure that the framers intended for over 100 years. This is making it easy for today's Progs to push the anti-Constitution agenda with a "You see, the government set up by the 'founding fathers' in the Constitution is flawed and out-dated and needs to be replaced," message on the unaware and sway the public opinion in favor of accepting "reforms" to the Constitution which may not necessarily have to meet the amendment criteria set forth in Article 5 but are needed all the same.

Yes, congress needs to be reformed and this is where that "reform" needs to start, with a return to the Congress that was intended, not the one established but those "early 20th Century Progressives" that Hillary Clinton is such a fan of.

edit: to correct Apportionment Act of 1911 to the Reapportionment Act of 1929 as the bill permanently setting the House at 435..
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