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God Invented Numbers..

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03/04/2017 02:26 PM
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God Invented Numbers..
In these times the wisest will understand, those with the least will be blessed with belief in their soul, the knowledgable will know nothing without the mind of christ Amen.
The First equation ever made solves war, hunger, corruption, division, hate, racism, inequality, poverty, sickness, sin, pain, uncertainty, neglect, death.
For those who have ears let them hear,
Quantities existed before man. Man did not invent numbers or the systems of numbers but yet they are components connecting the , contrary to popular belief which believes science disproves God, spiritual world and the physical world this is why 1+1=2. Before man, who was made in God's image, there is
God The Father=Mind=1, The Holy Spirit= LIfe=1, They have been since the beginning 1 and 1 who are 2, in the beginning they spoke the Light (Genesis1:3)(John1:1) (Revelation1:16), The Son of God is
The Light of Man=The Body in which Love and Life dwell=1,(2+1=Christ=3=Trinity),
then they made man
(Man=1/2 and Woman=1/2)=1. Template of equations ( Spiritual world=Make up of The Human Body= Physical World)
Since the beginning there has been a pair 2, who are 1 and 1. 2 (God The Father and The Holy Spirit) made 1 (The Light) therefore in the spiritual world or the things unseen 1=2 ( this requires faith) for there are things in this world which man does not understand which can only be revealed by the Holy Spirit through Christ. 1 is equal to 2 because 1 ( The Light) has the mind of 1 ( God The Father) and the spirit of life of 1 ( The Holy Spirit). The consciousness gifted to us by God , through the breath of life which drives these bodies about this earth, has allowed us to explain and describe the hidden relationships between the unseen spiritual world and the visible physical world through numbers.
Numbers with such properties as π, and ф are describing the Nature of God. For God is infinite, God is eternal, God is time and outside of time. Effects of the past exist in the present. The present becomes the future and the future the past. These 3 components are 1 just as the Trinity. The bible is the bridge between the spiritual world and the physical ( space, time, matter). Just as the unseen numbers and the systems of numbers govern the natural laws of the seen, so does The Family of God, have spiritual laws which govern the way of the unseen mechanisms of life. Belief/Faith kills doubt, you must believe before you see, you must have faith while you see, you must have faith after you see. There are more than 2 parts to an equation. "Heaven makes heard the glory of God and the firmament shows the work of his hands." Psalms 19:1