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Does Awareness create a quantum entanglement?

neutrino-me + V

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United States
06/04/2019 11:50 AM

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Re: Does Awareness create a quantum entanglement?
*superstitious as pidgeons.
 Quoting: Polkahonkus

I love you baby.
Anonymous Coward
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United States
06/04/2019 04:28 PM
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Re: Does Awareness create a quantum entanglement?
You could have crashed that plane with your thought, negative thought generates negative perspectives. In Northern Transylvania where i grew up, people were obsessed with "evil eye",many would wear something red or kabbalah string especially on new born babies. They are placing a bucket of flowers tightened with a red ribbon on top of new houses under construction, red ribbons around animals neck like cows horses sheep. I thought we are primitive there, but is well known all over the wold. Years after i start reading about about quantum entanglement and the role of the observer in generating this reality i believe this two are connected and well known since ancient Biblical time. It's believed that somehow the wavelength of color red is jamming the destructive effect of evil eye, or the negative entities hacking into certain people consciousness or eyes to cause harm. I read about many famous people movie stars, Madonna,Putin,Clinton wearing kabbalah string, they know something.
If the observer collapses the wave function turning quantum waves into material world ,are the blind people denied the role in making their own reality , perhaps cursed for their damaging rolle? Or our other 4 senses have somehow same effect ?!
I imagine this world made out of some kind of quantum foam floating around or raw data , like joining a computer game and we change it as we drive though life like this commercial.

 Quoting: Hermit 48

I like thinking of our reality in terms of a dream, think about it this way all aspects of a dream are created by the dreamer, the characters in the dream the world that the characters appear in, all the colors, the dialogue the characters have with the dreamer, absolutely every element is created by the dreamer.

In the waken state your not the dreamer but a character in the dream of consciousness ((at one level.))
So everything that you see around you is made of consciousness.Next time your taking a walk assume you're
walking in consciousness, the air, trees , the ground your
on all of it made of consciousness.Maybe that's why quantum
physicists can't find the one particle all others come from
there isn't one!

Consciousness is primary,then there is everything else.