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Message Subject The Magic Pill documentary - How the keto diet can heal 70 percent of the diseases we face today.
Poster Handle akasuzanne
Post Content
There are three kinds of chemical structures that are under the embrella heading labeled ketones.

They get produced from a feedstock structures called acetyl-CoA. Liver cell mitochondria produces the acetyl-CoA.

The acetly-CoA then produces a structure called
Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, the first ketone.

The betA-hydroxybutrate gets translated into
Acetoacetate by throwing off a molecule of water (h2O).
Acetoacetate is the the second ketone.

A small percentage (.5 percent to 2 percent) of acetoacetate
throws off a carbon dioxide molecule (CO2) and at the same time grabs a free hydrogen atom (H). This results in the third keytone called Acetone being formed.

Nail polish remover is pure Acetone, and this is why the breath of diabetics who are undergoing keytone acidosis have a fruit like nail polish remover smell.
Keytone acidosis is dangerious and can kill you.

It is the remaining acetoacetate that becomes the "Flex-fuel" energy solution to maintain life when there is no longer left any blood sugars to do so.
You will stop living if the cells can not get energy on demand.

If you really want to do this correctly, you should look into
something called "prolonged fasting" and the amazing research results
uncovered by a researcher by the name of Valter Longo.
 Quoting: Kingman-Art

Of course you don't want to go into Keto-acidosis - ketosis is very different. It is a far superior fuel, especially for the brain. It was originally used in pediatric seizure patients and was better than any medication developed at the time at preventing and controlling seizure disorders.

I am very familiar with fasting. Combining intermittent fasting with a keto diet is an excellent way for your body to burn it's own fat for fuel and for scavenger cells to attack and remove abnormal cells like cancer. It is also great for preventing the flabby arms that go with rapid weight loss.

Thanks for sharing some science on the subject!
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