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With The Communist Coup & Overthrow Of America All But Complete

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 81282288
03/24/2023 01:01 AM
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With The Communist Coup & Overthrow Of America All But Complete
A Full-Scale Invasion Is On With Illegal Border Crossings By Chinese Military-Aged Men Up 900% On Biden's Treason.

While the story over at Fox News Tuesday afternoon will receive very little mainstream news attention because it's got a little too much information that joe biden and the globalists don't want Americans to know, this tweet from Virginia Congressman Ben Cline lays it all on the table, with Cline warning: "We know that the Chinese Communist Party will do ANYTHING to spy & steal Americans’ data. Now, the Biden admin is releasing Chinese illegal aliens into our country without an appropriate investigation."

Including with his tweet a FOX News video of Chinese nationals being released publicly to an NGO in Brownsville, TX, with these illegal immigrants being released with NTA's (notices to appear) because there are so many of them now crossing the border and no more spaces to house them, think good and hard about that for a second before we continue: Thousands of military-aged men from China are being given free passes, NTA's, for coming into the country illegally, while the absolutely insane left is going after America's last President to win an election legally here in their witch hunt for Donald Trump....'


[link to allnewspipeline.com (secure)]