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Message Subject New Chemtrail Poll: Do you believe in Chemtrails?
Poster Handle George B
Post Content
From other Thread . . .
Thread: Chemtrails? Doubtful. Things chemtards don't (or can't) understand. (Page 29)


First, you are simply wrong...

The current upper value as stipulated by Defence Standard 91-91 and ASTM
D1655 is 3000ppm(m) whilst there is no mandatory minimum value. However, the
mean fuel sulphur concentration within the United Kingdom and the United States is
significantly lower than the stipulated maximum value and is about 600-


Secondly, sulphur content is low for road diesel as it kills catalytic

Look it up...

 Quoting: SnakeAirlines

Why didn't you answer this part of the question . . . ?

"Also why do research where you test the visibility of combustion trails from aircraft where the sulfur content is 5,000 ppm. . . .???? Seems a waste of money and time to me. . . .don't you think. . . just inquiring minds at work here. ." .
 Quoting: George B

Ask 'them'...

 Quoting: SnakeAirlines

I am asking YOUR opinion . . . I don't care about THEIR answer . . . why would you spike sulfur in jet fuel to 5,500 ppm when the maximum allowed concentration is 3,000 and the average is 300 to 800 . . . devil6
 Quoting: George B

if the maximum allowable concentration of sulfur in jet fuel is 3,000 ppm
 Quoting: George B

You keep erroneously saying that...

The 3000ppm is a DOD maximum allowable for contract buying of jet fuel...

That number has nothing to do with the civi use of fuels...

 Quoting: SnakeAirlines


Environ Sci Technol. 2012 Apr 17;46(8):4275-82. Epub 2012 Mar 28.

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
. sbarrett@mit.edu

". In contrast, the maximum sulfur content of aviation fuel has remained unchanged at 3000 ppm (although sulfur levels average 600 ppm in practice)."

[link to www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
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