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Only Me's Karma

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3/20/2015For your protectiveness regarding the children. From Strangelove
3/19/2015The ballerina is one of my favorites - have a great day OM! :) Sloane
3/19/2015Thanks for commenting in my doomtard thread -Blueridge
3/17/2015For hitting back!----Spankee
3/16/2015Snake supporter
3/16/2015Thanks for the support....SA
3/15/2015Reported Abusive Post
3/14/2015One of the few cool peeps round here. ~ShillShank
3/13/2015Thanks for the Avatar love :)
3/13/2015Cigar shaped bug
3/12/2015It's good to see people who can discern reality from fantasy-LTL
3/10/2015For your Pony.
3/10/2015Green from Scrump
3/10/2015Hello and thanks from Shiva ascendant ; )
3/9/2015Good for U U get it!
3/9/2015The bouncing elephant :)
3/9/2015To cancel out the red. -Revbo
3/9/2015Its ok, but try not to complain about karma. Here is positive karma to offset and blance it back in your favor.
2/28/2015Sadness is a part of it all, if you wish it I'm certain you will see him again. scimitar
2/27/2015Green for your emotions considering Mister Nimoy. ~Snuffie.
2/21/2015Drive by karma. :) 28m
2/20/2015I like you
2/19/2015Hot avatar
2/16/2015Green from Scrump
2/15/2015Reported Abusive Post
2/13/2015Be good! :D calx
2/13/2015Buddy karma from Bluenird
2/8/2015Om om om -Anubis
1/28/2015Its only you.... -Anubis
1/13/2015AnonymousGirl :)
1/13/2015Good for you and your son...davvi
1/3/2015Have a great 2015! -Anubis
1/1/2015What's fappenin'? LOL eekers Happy 2015!
1/1/2015Happy new year :) Fire Watch~
12/31/2014You should post more, you seem cool :) ~Stoned Goddess
12/31/20145 ;)
12/24/2014Hope you're feeling GREAT my friend! Btw, my head feels better this week, no *ripping* at the sutures, lol. ~TH
12/23/2014Trying to counter the "haters" AlphaB
12/19/2014Merry Christmas from Scrump
12/19/2014Reported Abusive Post
12/17/2014Jake ... >TPM<
12/14/2014All the best from PEI. -repatriated_one
12/13/2014You act like you are some special mom. get off your high horse you aint all that
12/13/2014Pinball Wizard covers you with the scent of his Victory Perfume, may all your battles be victorious!
12/13/2014So glad to see your sparkiness again!!
12/13/2014Dumb avatar
12/10/2014Blessings to you, dearest OM, and wishes for a beatuiful and wonderful warm and cozy holiday season!!!
12/8/2014Lol, I was nosy too! Immediate regret. ;) Vic-chick13
12/8/2014Brief :)
12/7/2014Hope things start looking up :)
12/6/2014Thank you as well...for all the fun...luci
12/4/2014Good to see you around.
12/4/2014Fire Watch :)
12/4/2014Reported Abusive Post
12/3/2014LostReality33, email me what you want me to reverse!!
12/2/2014Hi hunny! eekers
12/2/2014Merry Christmas OM! ~Chip
12/2/2014Green - Roobit
12/2/2014Reported Abusive Ghost -Faf
12/2/2014Not me, I'm just a creepy woman :D
12/2/2014It is I ... THE OTHER CREEPY GUY
11/30/2014Seasons Gahhreetings :)
11/30/2014It is I ... CREEPY GUY
11/29/2014Its only you.... -Anubis
11/29/2014Astral goat
11/26/2014Green From Scrump
11/25/2014Late happy birthday. TRawler
11/25/2014Dace sez 'Ello ! =-)
11/24/2014You rock
11/8/2014I've always liked you. :)
11/8/2014Why did you hit and run on your thread?? ~ShillShank
10/29/2014Happy Birthday hugs! ....nutmeg...
10/29/2014Happy birthday! nahkers :)
10/29/2014Happy Birthday you marvelous girl :) Sloane
10/29/2014Happy Birthday love GFG
10/29/2014Happy bday! - Munsoned
10/29/2014Happy B-Day....Lekker:)
10/29/2014Have a happy!....indiandave
10/10/2014Get well soon - ANHEDONIC
9/17/2014Brief :)
9/17/2014Get well OM! No more hospitals after this please :-) Vision Thing
9/16/2014Lurve and Healings to you sweet one...
9/16/2014Nice to see you my friend!!! Hope you are fabulous!!! I'm still taking my jaw out in my dreams...lol... :)
9/13/2014Get to feeling better. -PC
9/13/2014More green for bad hospital food. lol keats
9/12/2014B Well <3 NewsBee
9/12/2014Nahkers :)
8/29/2014So glad you pulled through just fine! Hugs, Sloane
8/27/2014Get well soon! - Rev Woo-Woo
8/27/2014Radiating lurve to you OM! May your healing be quick and easy and your loved ones surround you in support and comfort until you're back in action like the badass you are!
8/26/2014Glad to see you around, blessings and wishes for a fast recovery!!!
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