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Worse than anything the San Andreas fault can do : Cascadia zone and New Madrid zone

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1298612
03/16/2011 12:54 AM
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Worse than anything the San Andreas fault can do : Cascadia zone and New Madrid zone
[link to bertsboobtubeblog.com]

‘Countdown to Catastrophe: Mega Quake’

And then on Sunday night the National Geographic Channel aired ‘Contdown to Catasrophe: Mega Quake’ to let us know that the United States may have been lucky lately but, we are not immune and, in fact, may be over due for a mega quake of our own. While recent quakes have been absolutely devestating to the areas they have hit, a mega quake has never hit a major metropolitan city. The Cascadia Fault Line, 60 miles off the coast of the Pacific Northwest, has the potential to change that. 600 miles long and 30 miles wide, this fault line lies in close proximity to not one, but three major metropolitan areas: Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; and Vancouver, British Columbia. Over the last 10,000 years this area has been hit with 19 mega quakes or roughly one every 170 to 200 years. The last one was in the year 1700 and their is scientific evidence that a mega thrust is building. Japans’ next tsunami may originate off the coast of the United States. Since scientists have been keeping track, this fault line experiences some movement every 14 months moving the coast east about an inch and half a year, an astonishing thirty nine feet since 1700! Holy cow!

And that’s not the only place we may be vulnerable. Watching this segment, my mind went immediately to the San Andreas Fault that causes plenty of quakes on its own. But the most powerful earthquakes to ever strike the United States did not happen on our west coast. They happened right in the heart of the country beginning in 1811. I say beginning because some scientists believe that recent tremors in this area could be aftershocks of this most powerful event known as the New Madrid earthquakes, named for the Mississippi River town of New Madrid, Missouri. This quake was so powerful, churchbells in Boston rang and the Mississippi River briefly flowed backward! Not much damage or loss of life occurred because the area was sparsely populated but, that is not the case today with at least one major metropolitan area, Memphis, Tennesse, close by. This region is not as prepared as the earthquake prone areas out west and an earthquake measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale would have devestating consequences here.

When something as mainstream as National Geographic starts talking about this, you know shit is very close to the fan.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1298328
United States
03/16/2011 01:11 AM
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Re: Worse than anything the San Andreas fault can do : Cascadia zone and New Madrid zone
All night long tonight on the Science channel they showed hours & hours of quake shows......on the Mega Quake episode they really went into detail about what will happen, also what they are training people, even children in school. This episode was made this year.

Also, Jim Berkland (?) on Fox interviewed today....he is predicting a large quake in the next week (he predicted the World Series quake in '89 4 days before it happened)...he had mentioned possibly Cascadia.