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College Bound vs Student Athletes

User ID: 59921360
United States
08/21/2014 06:30 PM
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College Bound vs Student Athletes
The NCAA made the claim that African American males who are student athletes are more likely to graduate than college bound African American students..

And across all demographics, student athletes do better in college than college bound students...

This may be true, heavily depending on your idea of what college is for.

Most NCAA student athletes are there on sports scholarships, and if they get kicked off the team by failing the rock bottom minimum academic requirement, they are out of the school, not just off the team.

Also, the student athletes are there primarily for the sports program through the college, and not for the academics..
They put in only the effort that it takes, in academics.. to stay on the sports team, that keeps them in college..

The fact of the matter is, that most student athletes will not make it to the pros.. and those who don't make it to the pros, are not qualified to do what they studied for in the marketplace, outside of the SOUTH, where the standards and expectations and prices are lower....

Because they did not put in the Academic effort.

So all in all... while the student athletes have a higher graduation rate... its not because they are any smarter or actually doing any better in school, but because they want to stay on the sports team.

Its a junk idea, and turns the validity and reputation of college degrees earned by student athletes, to utter shit.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 61976245
United States
08/21/2014 07:32 PM
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Re: College Bound vs Student Athletes
Not to mention the hordes of tutors doing all of the work for them...