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judith vary baker.. a piece of the kennedy puzzle...

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United States
03/08/2023 08:59 PM
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judith vary baker.. a piece of the kennedy puzzle...
lets start with the common human geography between baker and donald ferrie, baker from south bend indiana(jesuit influenced notre dame in baker's case) and cleveland in ferries case(jesuit catholic st. ignatius high school)..both of these cities have geolinks into british/french controlled canada, british and french teams comprising two of the kennedy kill teams..

now within the jesuit realm at that time a strong fascist element was cultivated by the c.i.a. which ferrie and baker got manuevered into...in baker's case she moved to florida(many navy bases) and while in high school she managed to be able to expediate the spread of cancer cells thru a science fair contest... word of this feat spread up thru military channels to john hopkins medical school in the navy bastion of maryland(a sidenote here would be john hopkins being the source of the unqualified death scoreboard for covid 19)..

that said,the c.i.a./military intel set up a secret lab in new orleans launched by dr. alton oshner in order to create a punch pulling, designed to fail affair to poison castro to keep the cold war revenues coming in on both sides...

the everybody new orleans meeting/lab was set up in new orleans, inclusive of lee harvey oswald and dr. mary sherman, oswalds job WITH baker(an ECONOMIC deep state asset) was to escort her into tulane university for her schlorshiped first year there..

the spycraft part of the oswald/baker messaging hookup was a line at the post office in new orleans where baker's dropped a newspaper with oswald picking it up..

now i've mentioned a few times in this forum how british m16 has influenced destabilization events thru its entertainment assets, particularly the basil rathbone nigel bruce sherlock holmes seris..if we go to the ' pursuit in algiers' flick we see the same messaging tactic used with a dropped newpaper...

don't dismiss anything youngsters when it comes to kennedy assaination research... the oil biz linkup here would be british controlled canada,m16 and the one world order MANIPULATED price set up in london which was launched in 1980...and we thank you for your support