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8/18/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
8/17/2014Base12 Was Here
8/17/2014For using "negroes" grow up stop it
8/15/2014Good Morning... ... ... ...MJ
8/14/2014Get it right shit face
8/14/2014Always asks the tough questions.
8/14/2014Okay going to go ahead and do it...give you a green...excellent post on UN sir :) izzybeth
8/14/2014Your thread on Rioting & Looting
8/14/2014Your thread scares the living shit out of me
8/14/2014I cant post, say ill be banned. i just made account can you look into it. than
8/10/2014Great poll, and prep thread.
8/10/2014Why did you(?) remove my Tony Stewart video link post ?abusive?
8/8/2014Base12 Was Here
8/8/2014True true and true (cops) -Hats
8/6/2014Thanks for the info! - ItsMaKa2
8/6/2014Consider this beating all your good karma c:
8/6/2014Thanks for the Red.
8/6/2014Thanks! A lot of things to think about/prepare for. ~DYSWIS
8/6/2014You got so much cool stuff! im jealous of your friends and others that get to chill with you in real life :) have a nice day!
8/6/2014Good thread to inform the masses
8/6/2014Real Deal, Comet_hunter
8/1/2014Thank you for this...
8/1/2014Upgrading OP - KillerB
7/31/2014Your threads are a trip -- eekers
7/30/2014Exactly right - needs to be underscored over and over in preparation - plan to have NO CONTACT.
7/30/2014Great site, GM! - Twonstradamus
7/29/2014Base12 Was Here
7/24/2014You da MAN!!!!
7/24/2014Asshole bleaching thread xD bahhahahahah
7/24/2014Lmao, wait maybe that was the wrong expression
7/22/2014Hey GM, thanks for fighting the good fight.,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.​,M*walk
7/22/2014On the edge!
7/21/2014Bwahahah lol -astral goat
7/20/2014You're doing an excellent job, thanks. Frankenstein
7/20/2014LOL GLP troll video made my morning :) eekers
7/19/2014For having the balls and taking the time to captain this ship
7/19/2014For banning the whole of the UK. Fuck those pommies.
7/19/2014Putting bans on again for more money
7/18/2014For banning the whole of the UK.... :huffy:
7/18/2014Greenery from No Dhimmi
7/17/2014Sweetie?? Lol :) Probably not you, but sounds LEGIT!!
7/17/2014For banning Australia
7/17/2014Fuck Australia lol
7/17/2014Good traffic for the website! Well deserved might i add. Awesome website. <3 glp
7/17/2014For all you do.Ty...Lionels Love
7/17/2014I feel like passing out some green
7/16/2014Homophobe/hate speech
7/12/2014Jew worship
7/12/2014Holy fuck dude, you're on fire today, good stuff. Ag47
7/12/2014I agree
7/12/2014You're so right
7/12/2014I'm with you on this - KillerB
7/11/2014Unban me from voice chat!!!! please
7/11/2014From Base12
7/7/2014Astral goat great questions
7/7/2014For all you do, Thanks!!~sickandtwist​ed~
7/7/2014Keep up the good fight. -PC
7/7/2014For taking the time to help another! ~kpm~
7/7/2014Have a great week!
7/7/2014Green from saved for your doomed remark!
7/6/2014Thank You!
7/6/2014Ain't it da truth....Moonglow
7/4/2014Dace wuz hear =-)
7/3/2014Let the fire burn
7/1/2014Can't resist the crack!
7/1/2014For your blossoming lotus! sweet...morgan
7/1/2014For the Chi thread. G. Orwell
7/1/2014Gratitude. Namaste.
7/1/2014Gratitude is the soluti0n agreed....finley
7/1/2014From khoisansun - because life begins and ends with gratitude.
7/1/2014Best post of the year!
7/1/2014LoveLightEnergy~*** ctruth333
7/1/2014Said juicy.
6/30/2014I am grateful for being able to watch myfreecams for free
6/30/2014I am grateful for GLP :) eekers
6/30/2014Because I haven't told you lately how awesome you are!
6/30/2014My thoughts exactly
6/30/2014Love GFG
6/30/2014Gratitude! maguyver
6/30/2014For running the site, having a brain (or a brian) and putting up with the assorted bullshit that floats around here. Kudos. - Cookie
6/28/2014Lol love it astral goat
6/28/2014You're a timid little racist cunt...very sad, very stupid!
6/28/2014GM Its Gonviral... i AM BACK as Infomonger
6/28/2014Well said
6/28/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
6/27/2014So true!!
6/25/2014For Allah's Snackbar with all my best wishes of success :-) airplane f-bvfa
6/25/2014Because you really do care and give a Fu*K. AdHocBOHICA
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