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Another Christmas STRANDED in Southern California.........BAHHHH HUMBUG !

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United States
12/21/2011 08:21 PM
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Another Christmas STRANDED in Southern California.........BAHHHH HUMBUG !
Stranded here again away from my family in Oklahoma. I dislike this place for many reasons after being here for over 20 years now.

As far as employment is concerned....IT SUCKS TO B in California...one of the worst states in the country to find a good job.

Financially it is not a good place to live unless you are rolling in the dough.

At one point, I did have it all, but it wasnt really what I was looking for. Had a family, house on the hill, money in the bank. BOOM all has been washed away and purged by the Great Recession.

The good news: I am getting divorced from someone that I should have just stayed friends with. It was 17 years of marriage. Dont regret marrying her and dont regret leaving her. I have two beautiful daughters.

The bad news: Stuck in this materialistic, godless, overcrowded, over expensive shithole away from my family members who live in Oklahoma. Cannot afford to go visit them again. IM STUCK HERE and HATE IT !

Maybe it is my Age (44 now) and the fact I am a Christian living amongst mostly sinners (I am not perfect but do have unwavering faith). I am going all out for 2012. I am stuck here because my exwife from Oklahoma never wants to go back and refuses to. I know in my heart that is the best place for me and my daughters but there is only so much I can do.

Please send your prayers and good wishes that 2010 will be a better year. I want to get the HELL OUT OF HERE :)