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March 3, 2014
Giant Virus Resurrected from Permafrost After 30,000 Years
Pope Francis shocks a Vatican audience by accidentally dropping an f-bomb.
March 2, 2014
Three anti-ObamaCARE floats spotted at Mardi Gras in liberal New Orleans
Man sues McDonald’s for giving only one napkin with meal
March 1, 2014
American Flag Banned in California School
Mushrooms used to clean up urban streams
A Waterwheel That Picks Up Floating Trash
Police Pushing Access to Security Cameras Inside Public Schools
Video Shows Eerie Electrical Anomaly Happening in Norwegian Mountains
Yes, There Are Paid Government Trolls On Social Media, Blogs, Forums And Websites
‘The Imperial Presidency’: House holds hearing on executive overreach
FDA Claims Once Again that BPA is Safe with “Flawed” Study
IRS Posts Enforcement Notices for 2014 Obamacare Extortion Payments
Georgia Senate Votes to Nullify Common Core
FDA’s Proposed Nutrition Facts Labels to Contain Inaccurate Information
The Secret Playbook of Social Media Censors
Chaos as company accidentally invites 61,000 people to job interview
George Soros On "Sustaining Ukraine's Breakthrough"
GMO Human Embryos Have Already Been Created
Food industry under siege
Obamacare: Now Appearing On Your Restaurant Bill
Sandy Hook Hoax-Privacy Panel Slips in 5 Year Sentence for Release of Info
Tenn. State University Requires Students to Wear Trackable IDs
Meet the Seven People Who Hold the Keys to Worldwide Internet Security
No more needles: flu vaccines to come in patches
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