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December 6, 2012
California teachers create an animated video depicting the rich peeing all over the "not rich**
Christian Girl Raped, Tortured for 10 days 'Converted' to Islam
Distant Black Hole Reveals Chemistry of the Early Universe
Your next boss could be a computer
Are People Getting Dumber? One Geneticist Thinks So
Michigan House passes bill blocking NDAA detention
UN Using Propaganda to Defend Proposed Internet Regime
Beer is good for you: study finds anti-virus powers
December 5, 2012
Does 'LOL' Really Mean 'Lucifer Our Lord'?
Detroit councilwoman to Obama: We voted for you, now bail us out
Men lost in Siberia 'killed friend and ate him to survive'
December 4, 2012
UN internet regulation treaty talks begin in Dubai
Change on veterans’ gun rights lights fire
Kittens found inside sandwich bags in freezer
Texas attorney in mental ward still wants to practice law
US married father's horror after wife places his child with an adopted family without telling him
Inmates Allege They Were Abused With Hot Sauce
Poll finds New Yorkers convinced of climate change
Girl, 19, arrested after boasting about bank robbery on YouTube
December 3, 2012
Homeland Security Uses Local Police to Set Up Surveillance Buffer Zones
Making a Flu Vaccine Without the Virus
U.S. Policy Defending Sharia, Not American Citizens
U.S. government confirms world won't end in 2012
Collecting Disability Becomes A Career Choice For Men (welcome to the Obama economy!)
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