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04/21/2017 08:53 PM
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Re: GLP-Jukebox
Didn't you just send me a text message saying you were going to kill yourself what's for kids at the house now you're on glp singing like really Melissa shouldn't be being a mom I mean you just said your kids were sick all week and you've had all week to just start s*** all week
 Quoting: Zantrick

Monday: You were home. I did all your laundry.. and you told me you were talking to women on GLP.. looking for a relationship like it was Eharmony. I had to just deal with it because. I'm not the one.
Tuesday: Our two oldest sons became sick and that night I lost my shit and went crazy and was nearly raped in the kitchen by our neighbors son when I found him in the kitchen and he knew I was alone. and you blamed me.
Wednesday: You trash me down and the kids are sick and i'm alone still afraid and can't sleep.
Thursday: I take our baby girl to the doctors because i'm so afraid this dude was in the house and hurt our kids while I was sleeping. I couldnt sleep and you.. you just didnt care.
Friday: your back at it again.. NO APOLOGIES NO NOTHING.

You're right. Just shame me. I just wanted an apology. I wanted your love. I just wanted you for once on my team when i needed you you. And your just.. YOU. Checked out.
I just wanted you to see.. I'm human. I just wanted you to know that Your MY EVERYTHING and my everything is always destroying me.

you know.. have your fun. I'm the beast :) Just eat me alive its the best part of this week. Everytime I need you.. it's about you. Do i wish i was dead?? WHY NOT?? THIS is a TERRIBLE place in this Galaxy. Its' dog eat dog and I've had my fill.

I ask for an apology.. and you hold me hostage. Im so fucking afraid and your gone and your spending all this time talking here and im in a nightmare all by myself. and then i post it on here because Im trying to stay strong but im falling apart and while im drowning.. Dammit baby YOUR HOLDING MY HEAD under the water and your so freaking narcissistic you can't see it..

I needed your music tonight too. Sorry.. i went off and melted down to what you've said. I havent slept in a few days and im tired really tired and im afraid cause im alone and you wont give me ANYTHING.
I see blue people.

There are two creatures that defy the laws of physics and can take flight.

The Bumble Bee. and Man...

User ID: 74677041
04/21/2017 08:55 PM

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